Here’s How High Fashion Sneakers Infiltrated the Streetwear World

From the Ground Up, our brand new sneaker show is back with another episode diving into all things footwear. Last week, we explored the evolution of custom sneakers, but this week, we’re looking into high-end kicks and how they’ve crossed over into to the streetwear world.

For our latest in-depth discussion, host Pete Forester sits down with Jackie Kim, associate fashion director of Barneys New York and Highsnobiety’s assistant editor Noah Thomas to share their thoughts on whether high-end sneakers like the Balenciaga Triple S should be grouped in with Air Jordans and other sportswear brands. They also examine what advantages designer sneakers have over more mainstream products.


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44 thoughts on “Here’s How High Fashion Sneakers Infiltrated the Streetwear World

  1. The "High Fashion" sneakers are showing us how stupid the consumers are by charging $1000 for some ugly, bulky & bullshit shoes because they are designer brands

  2. noah is a square and yaw that buy his shit are the same lames lmao he living off hype. High end sneakers are wack and will not dominate the sneaker culture. this was made for the rich just like Tommy Hilfiger bruh

  3. Your are only talking about the zeitgeist & design. But apart from the collabs, nobody knows what technologies are used in designer sneakers, and whats in their soles. If they r askin these prices, they have to furnish me with these infos !!!!!

  4. The nike yellow M&M dude is defiantly butt hurt. We get that designers from for fashion houses take inspiration if not outright steal ideas from mainstream brands and remix them. It doesn't make them or the mainstream brands they draw from less or more valid. His 10 minutes spent on 'trying to draw a lineage exercise' came off as insecure. Stats haven't been implemented successfully until these Pradas? I get not mentioning the Raf Simons double strap sneakers after Kayne pushed them in 2008, but not mentioning MM Futures and it's strap implementation after spending 5 minutes on the brand was just lazy AF.

  5. If those shoes were originally in Walmart, NO ONE would buy them.

    Proves just how dumb people truly are. Lol

    Those shoes look like someone glued multiple soles together, cut a bunch of different fabrics, sewed them together, scuffed and dirtied them up and put a $800 price tag on them.


  6. KEEP IT 100… ALL these shoes are ugly af maybe except for the Arenas… but I rather just get Supras if I was gunna get Arenas… same look but way cheaper. But some people just like to spend that money to flex for the social status.

  7. yes you have the Balenciagas, the Saint Laurants, the Vetements. But what about Bapestas and Roadstas by A Bathing Ape as a sneaker to transition into the fashion scene as it is a great entry sneaker with a price that doesn't kill a wallet and can still catch eyes with crazy colorways that nike/jordan now has? They also have a great history in terms of streetwear, and can still turn heads. I don't know what to consider bapestas as I can't really afford any of these shoes, but I think Bapestas can be in this category because of the very similar silhouette to the Air Force 1.

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