How designers turn inspiration into fashion collections

How designers turn inspiration into fashion collections:
In my previous videos, we talked about how to create a fashion collection. We will do more exercises now to better understand the steps of any collection. Apart from the text part of any documentation – the phase when you read a lot about the topic you are interested in- there is the visual documentation.

In this case, I took another image from a book of mine and use it as a starting point for some sketches.How to actually get inspired by an image? Try to decompose the image into elements. See what are the definitory elements that compose the image. In this case, you could use elements like: the pattern with stripes, the color, the sleeves and the lower part of the costume, the structures you see in the area of eyes and those elements near the ears.

Use them separately, combine them, use them as modules: big or small, rotate them and so on.I used the shapes near the ears and I placed them in the center of my costume. I imagined those shapes will have holes inside, so that you can see the skin or the layers of my costume.

You can use the elements and place them in other parts of your costume. For example, some sleeves could become scarfs or you could undo them and sew them again in stripes to create a rhythm to your future garment.If you used a lot of volume for the upper part of your costume, try to simplify the rest, there is no need to over-work the whole costume.

As about the drawing style, use details and a black marker to add the contrast here and there, where you feel the need.
For the second drawing, turn the page upside down and get inspired. Even if the elements are the same, they position will inspire you to see even more in the photo, to discover inspiration there where you did not know it exist.

See how used the “let’s say glasses” from my source of inspiration and used them as earrings.Mix the elements and play with them in unusual combinations.When sketching, there is no need to think of the human body. You can draw it only when it helps, if not, the costume will be enough. Use simple lines and add color because this will help you visualize the outfit.Also, write down your ideas regarding the colors or textures to be used in the final work.

And now sit back and see how I used another image to finish my small collection inspired by African art.As I previously mentioned, try to really sketch after the photos I used and send me your collection by email. My email is:

Waiting for your sketches and I will come back with a feed-back.Thank you and please don’t forget to subscribe if you liked my video.

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  1. Thank you so much! i am a fashion design student in first semester, and bow i have to create my first collection! this video helped me a lot! i will subscribe and now going to watch rest if your videos!

  2. Truly inspiring work here. I hope to see sample videos of these illustrations translated to a wearable design ready for runway shows. I am new to fashion and self taught. I want to know your process to get to the final garment ready for production. Thanks you for the many inspiring videos.

  3. I am a fashion designing student and since i am just a beginner i have a long way to go..n while surfing the internet i found your videos and this one is the 1st that i've watched..and i liked it 😊 so here it goes your one more subscriber..hope to see your more of such videos 😁

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