How I Got Into The Top Fashion Schools! | My Fashion Design Portfolio!

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Okay I’ve been wanting to do this video FOREVER so here it is! Hopefully this is helpful to you guys!


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34 thoughts on “How I Got Into The Top Fashion Schools! | My Fashion Design Portfolio!

  1. Hi! I'm applying for Fashion Design and I was just wondering if you feel it's necessary to have a portfolio consisting of pieces of clothing? I'm not the best at sewing so I was planning to submit more art-based pieces (drawings, paintings, etc) rather than clothing I created. Would really appreciate a response! Thanks

  2. When applying for Parsons did you apply for fashion design in BFA or AAS ?? I am wonder because they aren't very explicit on whether you can apply for BFA going in a freshman. And thank you so much for this vid it is very helpful.

  3. Could you please clarify my doubt, I'm an Indian , I just wanted to know how international students should send their portfolios. Like a digital one or the binded one(physical one) is to be mailed.

  4. Hey Natalia, how's the experience so far studying fashion design and what are the materials needed for classes? Any advices as well? How's the school culture like? Are your classmates nice?

  5. Thank you so so much for this video! It is actually so much more helpful than a lot of the content I've seen. I was super stressed about this before but you've really calmed me down and now I'm actually looking forward to applying to my art schools! Thanks again! 😀

  6. i have been waiting for a video like this for the longest time ever!!!! thank you so much! fit is my dream school and i am so so happy for you! can’t wait to see more college videos. you came up on my recommendations and now i’m 100% subscribing i love your content. THANK YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Christian girls have a hard time dealing with the industry. I hope you will be successful, but please be careful. You have great talent, just don't let the people around you to persuade you to do the wrong things to be accepted.

  8. love your video, I was wondering if in the portfolio for fashion design, do actually need to have an end product in the portfolio (such as a dress, or a piece of clothing that you have created?) thank you so much for the video it was super helpful!

  9. Hi I'm am aisha from Gambia I really want to go to fashion design school, in the Gambia here we don't have unless if I go out and I don't have such a money please help me how can I get a Sponsor to follow my dream

  10. I love all of the items you showed in your portfolios! You really have a talent for sewing and I admire that! Have you decided where you're going to attend? Last year I was accepted to SCAD and I was waitlisted for PRATT, but I haven't decided on a fashion school yet. I thinking about LIM college so I can focus on the business side of fashion but I'm not sure what I want to do.

  11. This was very helpful! I am applying to these schools, but I was wondering if you need to sew your projects to get into these schools? I know FIT requires you to make/sew your sketches but do the other schools?

  12. Love this video, it is way more detailed than others you can find. By the way, your designs are amazing and I admire deeply where your inspiration comes from. I am planning to apply to pretty much all of the schools you mentioned and I have a few questions! As far as I have seen, no one really showcases Men's Fashion, are you allowed to, would you personally recommend it? You see to be truly knowledgeable about sewing, is your knowledge self-taught, or are you taking Fashion Design classes? Will the schools care about other forms of art if you are applying for a specific major? (if you go undecided, can you pretty much submit all you have art-wise)
    I hope all these comment get to you and you can tell me what you think 🙂 Congrats on all of your acceptances!

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