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I challenged myself to try and make a minimalist wardrobe since a few of you have requested it. Adopting minimalist ways is a great way to declutter some of the noise in your life and sometimes having too many clothes can slow you down when choosing what to wear.

If you decide to create a minimalist closet for yourself it’s important to take note that you should purchase multiple of the same item. For instance—in this video—I mention the white-tee and black-tee, you would want to purchase at least 3-5 of each. The same goes for a few of the other key pieces like the button-ups and maybe 2-3 pairs of black jeans and blue jeans.

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46 thoughts on “How I Made a Minimalist Wardrobe | Men’s Fashion | One Dapper Street

  1. Awesome video again, been watching your vids for the past 3 months, I’m inspired a lot.
    Most of the clothing that I have are too sportive (I play football, tennis…etc) , I’ve been trying to build up a wardrobe that allows me to can show the other side of me, more mature, stylish…

    Thank you for giving me a lot of new ideas, keep on the good vids and stay Dapper ✌🏼,

  2. Loooove all the looks youve created here….and YES!! a Lookbook with these pieces please!! Like the Chelsea Boot but always find the heel slotches when i try a pair on in my own size or even a size down…any thoughts Marcel?And youve got me shopping Zara now…looks like Massimo Dutti will now be on the list!! Great work….

  3. Hueguh, Tim dessaint, Marcel are so underrated youtubers !
    And teaching men fashion, alpha.m overrated. Unfair.
    Anyway love your channel. I have to say that in my country the black shirt and coat are style mistake only black tshirt is acceptable but it is just matter of culture.
    Big thanks from France for your channel !

  4. Great video Marcel. I really need to do this as my wardrobe and drawers are set to burst. I'm just unsure of the practicality of it. Maybe its because I'm used to having a lot of clothes and need reconditioning, but I just can't see it being workable for me.

  5. Quite a choice for a minimalist setup 😀 Love the video, but, I hope constructive criticism is accepted. I'd swap navy suit with a charcoal grey, personal choice though.

  6. Great content. I only have one piece of constructive criticism to offer, and that is to wear belts. It’s just a personal thing of mine, but you have so many niece pants, jeans, etc that would look even better on you if you wore a belt, in my opinion of course.
    As always, keep up the good work!

  7. What is your take on "black and navy dont go" ? I'm asking because obv. ure using a navy suit with a black turtle neck and boots. I think it has a special aesthetic and can look dope, but many "fashion gurus" tend to hate it and will suggest the rather boring brown and navy combo.

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