How I Make My Fashion Videos | From A to Z

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This one’s quite different from my usual fashion videos, but some of you have asked me to show a little more about how I make my content on YouTube and Instagram, so here it is.
I hope this video is helpful for you!

How To Wear Stripes (the video I made in this video):
Chloe’s channel:
My Instagram:

Peter McKinnon’s channel:
Mango Street’s channel:
Daniel Schiffer’s channel:

Shot With:

– Canon 6D MK II:
– Canon 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens:
– Rode VideoMic Pro+:
– Velbon 200R Sherpa Tripod:
– Jobi GorillaPod:


Paycheck – Ballpoint
Curves – Ealot
Anima – Harvio
Keep It – Dylan Sitts
Pieces Of Streets – Molife
Pashunfruit – Guustavv

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36 thoughts on “How I Make My Fashion Videos | From A to Z

  1. It is just so Awesome that you revealed how you Shoot and what are the Sole Criteria or methods you Really use! saw this type of content for the first time, really liked It. It is definitely gonna help me, KUDOS !!!!!
    P.S- I actually thought that Cinematography is made by a Processional Photographer.

  2. Sweet. You should make more videos together! What sets you apart from a lot of the other mens style channels is the aesthetic and cinematography of your shots!

  3. Do you use any parfum? Maybe you can make a video about that – what do you appreciate, which type is more suitable for specifics events or seasons, i guess it is also a part of your own style and I've never seen such videos before

  4. I would love to see you do a winter look book in the Rhodes/Wentworth point area. I feel like you could get some amazing shots there. Hopefully i'll get a chance to bump into you while you're still in Sydney. Anyways loving your work and your videos man, keep it up

  5. Hey Tim thanks for all your videos. Would you consider a video of mens swimsuits that have a shorter length for us shorter guys. Most swimtrunks are way too long..Thanks in advance! Thomas

  6. You're the first fashion guy who i started to watch. Thank you for making me intrested in this sphere, you really motivate me to try something new and create my own style. You're making really cool stuff. All best wishes. Thank you:)

  7. I could understand why some youtubers get mad when they criticize there vid cuz a lot of work goes into it. Never seen any vid like this.

  8. This is so great, you put so much work into these. Also you replying to comments adds such a layer of depth to this channel. You're a very genuine guy and that makes people gravitate towards you. Thanks again for the video, cheers!

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