How Instagram RUINED Fashion | Synopsis

Reggie breaks down how Instagram plays a vital role in creating a fashion culture where bad taste, the ostentatious, and bad design are becoming the downfall of the industry.

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21 thoughts on “How Instagram RUINED Fashion | Synopsis

  1. Figured I’d comment on this vid because it new. I’m starting a brand in chicago and I’m in the process of copyrighting my Intellectual Property. But I’m 17 and can’t enter into a valid contract. Have any advise

  2. While I don't think you're wrong at all, it's not killing the fashion system per se. What we know is definitely dying, so to me it's about adapting the way the fashion industry is moving to something beyond hype, exclusivity, brand identity, and price. We are in a period of transition where it seems like all the old ways of doing things are being out maneuvered (and they are) to make space for what's to come.

  3. I feel like what happened to photographers, musicians, and painters is happening to designers. Barrier of entry is lower, and consumers have a low bar in all categories.

  4. Reggie, always enjoy the content, but I'd have to disagree with this one. I think what you are referring to here are the higher end fashion range, where it's more of a signaling tool than a function piece to cover the body. If people have the means to buy them then good for them, but I'm certainly not going to dunk on them and call them shallow. For someone that always advocate people to "find their own style", you certainly sounded a little bit hypocritical in this video. The most cringe moment was casually throwing post modernist and "late-capitalism" concepts though.

  5. I don't think Instagram is killing fashion no more than Soundcloud is killing music. Fuck the gatekeepers. That said we living through an unparalleled time where we can now see everything that's being tried. The onus is really on the consumers. Consumers will have to adjust to a system that no longer filters and makes chooses for them. This goes for fashion, music, art, food, architecture and pretty much every other product out there. I just can't add to the new trend of blaming platforms when the responsibility is always on the consumer/ user/ customer. And I honestly cannot blame large brands for giving in, the customer is always right even to a fault. In today's world of retail economics, you give it and you give up.

  6. Are you talking about the Kardashians, Niki Minaj, Cardi B etc? These ugly people with ugly taste.

    Are you talking about people that are buying SUPREME and OFF-WHITE just because its all over Instagram?

  7. I like your input on this topic. Something for me though is that without Instagram, I would have never been fully exposed to fashion the way I have been. Because of Instagram I now know designers, brands, and from there I found a starting point to do my own research.

    I agree with you, there absolutely is a tackiness to Instagram. It's a game of flaunting money rather than carrying truly about the pieces or the artist or the art. It's a toxic culture of who has more, a culture I can't keep up with and feel opposed to as a direct result.

    I don't want to be called a hype beast, I don't want to be associated with flexing. Because to me being those things feel dishonest, as if I am fakely representing myself to be something I am not.

    I've always wanted a fashion brand, since I was a kid, and through that exposure to the industry, to the culture as its evolved, to finding your voice, I feel as though I can create a voice now. In the end though, to me at least Instagram was an entry point that opened my world to everything.

  8. I think the street wear model has destroyed fashion because, it has nullified what fashion is all about. Fashion is all about genuine creativity, purpose and diversity. We are in an age were people follow a certain trend simply because it looks cool and they'd get rated amongst people. That's not fashion

    This low-key raises questions, what exactly is FASHION? Can it be defined objectively?

  9. Fashion, and more specifically streetwear has been OVERproduced and watered down lately to the point the koolaid now tastes like gatorade. And not in a good way😑 That ‘columbine’ img was a perf example of where we are today. Irrational taste or ‘Somebody over-salted my damn grits’ should be the name of this current trend.

    On the other hand i feel that the Craft of carefully designed pieces will rise up in a new way and be more celebrated. This’ll leave all the fast fashion in the goodwill bins and unwanted. Cream rises to the top my friends 😛

  10. Great video!!!!! when it comes to fashion and buying anything (streetwear or high fashion) I do the 30 day rule. 15 days before it release I look at the item/product and ask myself if I really want it. On release day if I don’t cop I give myself another 15 days after to see if I still want it. If I don’t cop 15 days after, I don’t buy it unless it goes on sale. You can fall into hype and impulsive actions and forgot why you even into style/fashion

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