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Coming from the land of neon colors galore and moving to Germany the land of neutrals and BLACK. I have changed a little in my fashion sense. I don’t have skinny black jeans and Adidas BUT I notice that my outfit choices aren’t as…. “Vibrant” as they used to be.

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  1. Like legit, why don't you have more subscribers than you do? You are so entertaining to watch Hayley!! Much luck to your endeavours!!! Maybe one day when I am in Munich, we will run in to each other 🙂

  2. since you mentioned it, that you wear no make up in your privat life, would you be up for it to get in front of the camera and wear none? 😀 you are beautiful and i bet you will be beautiful without make up.
    50 pairs of shoes gosh girl. i am a personal assistant and we important shoes from all over the world and i guess not even I have 50 pairs of shoes and i am working with shoes every single day. haha. but i do have alot, yes, especially since i started working there. from lets say 6 pairs to maybe 35 or so. summer, winter and in between. and alot of sneakers too.

  3. Pleeeease don't change the way you like to dress or do your make up or anything else just because you feel like you don't fit the steteo type! You're awesome the way you are and so inspiring to me. Die Deutschen können sich von deiner Lebensfreude echt ne Scheibe abschneiden 😉 do what you love girl!

  4. Good you understand finally that ratched is not sexy outside the USA,!!!! looooool!!! y'all be killing me here with all that extra . You kind of look older for 25, like I would give you easy 36, baby girl watch out, it is not a read, just sleep more or party less it is showing on your face, still pretty though???

  5. I think a lot of what you mentioned (especially the glitter) is less about moving to Germany, and more about growing up. We aren't 21 forever, and if you keep dressing like you are, you look trashy. Congrats! You've matured! 🙂
    Black also makes more sense in a colder climate — wear black 24/7 in FL and you'll bake. You need lighter, airy colors to reflect the sunlight.
    Also I love your hair. It's super cute.

  6. I lived in Germany for the past year and OMG all of it its true!!! I did have just 2 pairs of jeans and lots of leggings, also going clubbing with sneakers is the most comfortable thing! I come from Mexico and I think in the US its the same, but here we DRESS UP for that, like stilettos and little black dresses and everything, that's one of the things I miss the most about Germany… Nobody f* cares how you look like America does!
    Pretty cool that I run into your channel, subscribing right now 🙂

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