How Street Fashion Grew The Hell Up in 2018

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35 thoughts on “How Street Fashion Grew The Hell Up in 2018

  1. Love watching these videos. My style has kind of moved into the Industry I'm in. I'm going to be a lawyer and the office I'm going to be in is business casual. So I've started to buy more trousers and things like that to get used to it.

  2. I do miss the days where streetwear culture was still a subculture….back when if u never even touched a skateboard you’d be called out for wearing supreme. U could spot someone in say a pair of dunk sb’s on the streets and u could just say “ yo nice kicks” and be sure to be able to have a conversation with said person…
    Nowadays…especially out in Asia…I can bet you that at least half the kids lining up for yeezys can’t even tell you who Kanye is SMH

  3. This episode was a good recap of 2018's fashion changes, and I think your channel deserves to hit those "lofty goals" you spoke of. I really enjoy your on street videos, and it would be cool if you could post more on your instagram. Just pictures of the fashion you see on the streets of Japan.

  4. Having been deeply woven inside the genesis of street fashion, then being a happy passenger throughout its last 30 year journey, I feel it is impossible to explore the products and their creators without teaching and sharing their cultural origins. We are simply along for the ride. The culture is the architect, we are just voyeurs and players. Great video always 🔥

  5. I feel like there will always be a part of streetwear or street fashion that will be about the culture but yeah, so many pieces have been adopted to the mainstream. For me, though, it is all about adopting what is produced to my kind of fashion. I am cautiously excited about what this year will bring.

  6. Nice vid! I do feel if you dress like a "rockstar" or "skater" doesn't mean you have to necessarily be in the culture of that (I.e do people who wear football jerseys have to play football?) but with that point I feel you should at least know something about the style you are trying to convey and the labels/brand making the clothes you wear, wouldn't want to represent something you don't agree with

  7. i think 2019 is the year essentials colossal brands like Uniqlo, H&M, and others catch up and finally take on this new buying trends. For the better part of the year, last year, they were largely missing. H&M and Zara became the cheap knock-off producers, while Uniqlo clung on Kaws and Nigo to stay relevant. However, this year, maybe, they finally formulate a strategy to cash-in on this new trends and get back on the black. Or maybe they don't. Honestly, those brands should just strengthen essentials and focus on the field.

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