How to create a fashion mood board | Example from my designer portfolio | Justine Leconte

Create a moodboard: step-by-step demo with an example from my portfolio. This is how professional fashion designers do it. I hope you’ll find it useful!
Like this video if you want to see the clothes made from this moodboard & I will make another video about that!
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21 thoughts on “How to create a fashion mood board | Example from my designer portfolio | Justine Leconte

  1. thank you so much.. its really helpful… can u make next video in which you tell about complete process of making fashion portrait, from theme , inspiration, mood board, client board upto end product?

  2. Hi Justine, thank you so much for the inspirational video. I now fully understand the process from sketchbook to Mood Board as per our Assignment at the Australian Academy of Fashion Design. Please let me see your garment created from your Mood Board for further inspiration.Mine will take on the 4 Elements of Nature which will be totally different tectures,colours etc.

  3. What a great tutor you are! Justine, I'll be applying to Parsons in less than a year and I just realised that only my sketches are not enough for their portfolio requirements! I'm daunted by the task of finishing a full portfolio in about 10 months but I'm gonna try my hardest. Could you give me any tips and direct examples of stuff they might be looking for in the portfolio?

  4. I love how you portrayed the fragile, rusty, and broken look from this moodboard, especially the quote: "Things can be repaired but they will remain fragile", the sentence inspired me to write a song lyric about the fear, trust issues, and vulnerability in love life :D.
    It's actually very woman and for me, it was kinda reflecting how women survive through the civilization until today. Very awe-inspiring and empowering at the same time.

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