How to Photograph Professional Fashion Models -Test Photoshoots

In this How-To photography video I talk about how to work with models and doing model photoshoots using natural light photography.

I cover a variety photography tips and tricks I use when working with model and natural light photography.
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What Gear do I use?

My Big Camera –
Big Lens –
Second Lens –
Memory Cards –
Lighting Gear –

What Video Gear do we use?

Big Camera –
Camera Cage –
Main Lens –
Second Lens –
Memory Cards –
Sound Recording –
Microphone –

About Me: My name is Anita Sadowska, Im a 24 year old professional fashion photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. On my channel I will be uploading regular photography tips & tricks, Fashion shoot behind the scenes and loads of photoshop and lightroom retouching and editing tutorials.

36 thoughts on “How to Photograph Professional Fashion Models -Test Photoshoots

  1. I think it's hilarious the huge chasm between the photos of the contemporary Western women as sexually liberated, self assured, sensual, etc (in fashion, glamour, etc) and their actual conservative sexual personality. You couldn't get more hypocritical if you photographed nuns pole dancing. Think it be more authentic to take these American women out to nature location and photograph them in regular clothes.

  2. Haha szukałam tego wszędzie i w końcu znalazłam u Polki 🙂 Ja właśnie zaczynam, powiedz mi, jakiego światła używasz do testów z lampami? Czy klasyczny, 3-modelowy rodzaj światła się sprawdzi, bez beauty dishów?

  3. Nice shoot ideas and great results. One point: You called the white board a flag but flags are used to selectively block light. I'd just call it what it is: a reflector to fill in shadows to reduce the exposure ratio.

  4. I love the look of natural light. However, I get problems with the light colour. The blue from the sky and green from trees mess up the skin tones. How do you get a neutral white light through a window?

  5. Loved the video and tips Anita. Just wanted to ask you if you use the manual setting on the camera or aperture mode etc? Also when you’re approaching models to do test shoots would you be charging them? How do you go about asking them and the agency? Thank you. Xxx

  6. Hi Anita,
    i'm new to photography about 2 -3 years now , i mostly shoot Motorsports , i'm located in the Caribbean . i luv your explanation as you're shooting and also your editing techniques and how you go about it , to have your style consistent . What will be awesome is while you're working with the models have them speak about how they get into the zone to achieve the best results and what they look for when working with a photographer.. Also a longer process into editing and how u go about to change colors etc. and last but not least , when u use flash photography and how you go about it before taking the first shot.
    Thanks a lot for sharing tips for us all to appreciate.

  7. Anito, obserwuję Cię od czasów Photobloga i jesteś moim wirtualnym mentorem i mistrzem! Nie mogę się napatrzeć na Twój profesjonalizm i dziękuję bardzo za Twoje filmiki- podsyłam je każdemu komu mogłyby się przydać 🙂

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