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I really hate buying pants. I especially hate buying jeans. I’d heard and seen that Fashion Nova jeans fit small waists and big booties well, but I thought it was too good to be true. I put off trying Fashion Nova jeans for the longest, but I’ve finally bought some and this is my review. I’m also giving you tips on how to choose the right size Fashion Nova jeans.

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32 thoughts on “How To Pick The Right Fashion Nova Jeans Size | iamsunnydee

  1. Is it just me or do Fashion Nova jeans stretch out after a while (they fit bigger) ? You have to keep on putting them in the dryer for them to return to the size at which you received. Please like this if THIS HAPPENS TO YOU AS WELL because I don’t know if perhaps it’s something I’m doing.

  2. I’m from Europe and I really wanna order some fashionnova jeans but I’m hella confused on the sizes ! I wear a Europe 34 in jeans, would that mean I should order a size 0 or 1 ??

  3. My waist is 26 and my hips 36…
    Am confused as in the uk am size 12 but in the us it’s says size 7,9 but I don’t believe those measurements suit me pls someone help I think am size 5 or 3 but am not sureeee plsss?

  4. Im not as flat in the stomach as you but my measurements are pretty much the same as yours as weird as that is, I’m 30/44 and rly not sure if I should get the 11s or the 13s , Im more thick in my thighs and more booty than hippy so I do prefer a super tight fit with spandex jeans as I know they loosen up throughout the day. That baggy look isn’t the T! Decisions, decisions lol

  5. I never shop on their and I love their pants and I don’t know what size to get in old navy pants I’m a size 14 and regular pants I’m a 16… but sometimes 16 don’t fit me good.. I need help. what size I need ?🙏🏾

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