How to review / critique a fashion show? | Justine Leconte

How to do a good critique of a fashion show? What to look at when attending and reviewing fashion shows?
This video is a tutorial to help you do that. I hope you’ll find it useful.

Further reading:
Alexander McQueen’s VOSS show:
Interview of Cathy Horyn, fashion critics for the New York Times:
Critiquing fashion:

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38 thoughts on “How to review / critique a fashion show? | Justine Leconte

  1. Dear Justine. Thanks a lot for such explanations! So clear. I am interested in fashion from a common consumer point if view, however never fully understood what to take from the weird fadjion shows 😀. I have a completely different perspective now thanks to you.

  2. I'm bingeing your videos I love how you explore concepts and how diverse your content is. My favourite designers are Zuhair Murad and Ellie Saab, Murad really knows how to complements the female form and Saab is a maverick with shape, texture and colour. Valentino in the past has also been a fave. As I'm getting older I'm also attracted to the aesthetic of Kenzo

  3. Thank you for making these videos, I'm an aspiring fashion student and I'm trying to learn as much as I can about fashion before I apply to college next year.

  4. Karl Lagerfeld. Because he says what he thinks. And because he is always positive. And because he is larger then life. I like Martin Margeila, just because he is so darn cool. But he is really hit and miss. Maybe Hassan Chalayan because his shit is so feminine and timeless. And although I don't like his clothing I like Gaultier himself. He is cool, confident and everything McQueen was not. But then I hate McQueen, and I especially hate that people sais that he "came up" with low rise jeans, when all the kids were already cutting the bands of their jeans, or simply wearing them oversized for a low rise effect. He didn't invent fuckall. Trends always come from the streets, and then are picked up and refined by designers. they never come from designers, really. Certainly not from nutballs like McQueen.

  5. Hi Justine, I skipped this one when I first saw the title, and it is a BIG mistake. Your explanation is logical, thorough and practical, especially the tips on how to spot a well-written critique of a fashion show. Very helpful!! Thank you SO MUCH!

  6. My favourite fashion designer was Yves St Laurent. Such exquisite wearable fashion which would still look good today. The same applies to Chanel.
    I think fashion shows have always been about theatre. People like Alexander Mc Queen and Vivien Westwood took this to a higher level.

  7. Ooo, favourite designer and why. That's hard. I don't follow designers from season to season, so I don't really know enough to call favourite designer over all. I do though have some collections that I've looked at more than once and which have me giddy still, years later. Dsquared2 Spring 2011 Ready To Wear with the big glasses and oversized shirts, love that one. Elie Saab Spring 2014 Couture, like being a kid watching princesses in a unicorn movie, just wow. Ralph Lauren Spring ready To Wear 2009, glam safari. Pretty conservative tastes, haha, what can you do.

  8. I enjoy fashion in every aspect! This was so helpful for me…..My favorite designers are Dior and Chanel. I love Dior's feminine and festive lines and the colors are stunning, the designs are almost whimsical. Chanel; I love the simplicity and details, like buttons and embellishments, are perfect and subtle so that one almost has to look for that set the garments apart. The jewelry and other accessories are winsome for my eyes. No one can make pearls, beads, and chains look quite as wonderful as Chanel. The shoes and bags are the frontrunners of all things classic. Thank you for your work!

  9. Justine, thank you for this video. I blog and teach journalism students (not necessarily in that order). Bloggers/influencers really fail in this area. I will link your video for my students should I ever teach a fashion journalism course.

  10. I love designer Karl Lagerfeld, I always find a few stunning pieces that I would definitely wear, in his Chanel work, and mt style that I like to wear, especially the shift dresses and coats.

  11. please talk about haute couture and avant-garde fashion and what do they stand for. i'm guessing not a lot people know much (including me). but they're very interesting and in a way represent art not in the way commercial fashion does. please, Justine!

  12. Hi Justine, I am not particularly interested in fashion but I started watching your videos, they provide so much insight and it looks like there's a whole lot science behind fashion.😃

  13. You asked for us to name our favorite designer and why, and I have somewhat of an odd answer. My favorite designer has always been Betsey Johnson, though I admittedly would not wear most of what she creates. Her designs have always captivated me; the bold colors, patterns, and silhouettes, the way she always chooses models with personality and vibrance, and the way things are styled in her shows. It makes me truly happy to see her shows, and her cartwheeling down the runway at the end. I say I would not wear most of what she makes because it is far girlier than my own personal style, but there is still something about it that I have always connected to. Like seeing a rare bird — I don't need to own it as a pet to appreciate its beauty.

  14. I love Jean Paul Gautier…I have seen his exhibits at museums in New York. I love his vision, his project choices, celebrities and film wardrobe work. I feel his genius. I get him. I love his aesthetic. If I was a designer I would have loved to be him.

  15. We love Alexander McQueen shoes and purses 🙂 There is an interesting twist to how he would add whimsical but cool touches to certainly make him very missed part of our fashion world.

  16. 70's Halston..I have literally read everything I could get my hands on regarding Halston. I collect his pieces which are honestly almost impossible to find (the really good authentic Halstons). Yves St. Laurent is a second favorite.

  17. Very educational and informative! Saves a lot of time and money to the interested half-professional fashion writers/bloggers. I have seen so many adjectives and emotional texts, which is just a way to fill the gap of not knowing how to write a review. If it were up to me, I would take Master's in that area, inspired by this video. 🙂

  18. I am so thankful for your videos. I'm so tired of YouTube being covered in cheap and underdeveloped fashion content. I need real techniques and lessons, not store hauls. thanks so much!!!

  19. i have a basic question…
    i love fashion and that's why i want to understand this:
    why do people go to fashion shows if they can see everything on internet?
    i know that fashion shows involve a fancy atmosphere.. but… are they really necesary for fashion lovers?

  20. My favorite Video so far loved the valuable information. Can you make videos about your favorite designers, their history, style and how they are you favorite designers. Thank you for making videos!!

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