How to start a fashion line | Justine Leconte

Sourcing, designing, marketing a collection or creating sales materials: today, I share with you the steps needed to start your fashion line from the business perspective as well as my learnings on the way.

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27 thoughts on “How to start a fashion line | Justine Leconte

  1. Justine, please help, as I have purchased fabric due to texture and print before any research and inspiration. please suggest how to proceed ahead …should i look similar drape vintage dresses for inspiration or something else?

  2. I always watch your videos more than once ,because in each time I found a new information that I didn't take care of it before
    Keep going,keep giving advices ,because your advices and your points of view are very realistic,useful and special
    Your way in giving information is great,thank you very much

  3. Hi. i really like your videos and learn a lot from them. You are very inspiring and very talented. I have one question. how to know whats my particular/personal style in designing. Like What's my own USP?? As i almost like everything and like to design usually everything.

  4. Hey Justine.. Thank you for the channel, that's a lot of work you are doing by the way of your channel and it is very helpful…Is it possible to launch a label / collection in 3 months .. from scratch? It is summer in India in 2-3 months and I'd want to see if I can materialise anything in 3 months if I start at the start of the year…I'd want to establish a well thought out n green label in future .. but I'd want to start something quick to market and enter the market to get the feel and check it out much faster … so I can pick up things along the way…I'm not from fashion industry and no background except my interest in creating a fashion label .. I'm ok to learn quickly and also do most of the work myself at the start to minimise the costs .. What departments are best outsourced and what all I could do .. what steps could be clubbed to enable a quick time to market..Grateful for your advice and suggestions in advance … plus I wish you a very happy new year 2018 ..Thank you

  5. 1st of all i wana give you a superb big hug..thank you so much for such lovely videos😍 i lost all the hopes due to the sort of dilifficulties that ive been facing so thank tou sooooo much for bringing back the enthusiasm for fashion designing all again ❤

  6. 1st of all i wana give you a really big hug😄 thank you soo much..your videos have helped me bring back the enthusiasm for fashion designing😍 but i dont understand where do i start from😐 is it sketching?🤔 if yes then i hav no idea with the kind of pens and pencils been used..😕

  7. Thanks for the informative video Justine! I recently completed my undergraduate course at parsons in design & management and now I'm looking to gain practical experience in fashion design to supplement my business background, in hopes of starting my own line.. curious to know if you think its necessary to do a graduate program or if taking a few design classes will suffice?

  8. Bonjour Justine, I have subscribed to your intelligent, informative and honest channel. Life is truly a journey. So many of all people make several career changes. I enjoy your informative videos and can relate as well. We all have different opportunities and it is great to assess what is working and NOT working and what WE WANT IN OUR lives , otherwise we are always doing the same with no changes.
    I have looked at your fashions and would like to buy…but very little is on your site.(Pardon moi, no offense as you are getting started.) Your designs are great and many are sold out. As I live in the states, financial conversion would by happniess/helpful. I look forward to seeing what you design and buying your pieces.
    Happiness and may best wishes to you Justine,

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