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Ciao everyone! Sweaters are a fall style essential, so before shopping for new sweaters this season, try these quick styling hacks for your sweaters. I find these small styling tweaks to sweaters add personality and finish off any fall look.

Try it and tell me what you think! Here are some links to sweaters similar to mine below:

my watch: – For 15% off use BELTEMPO or this link:

my necklace:

Grey V-neck cashmere sweater (very old, but this one is almost identical):

Grey heavy knit sweater (bought second hand but LOVE this one):

V neck sweater (old, but found this one which, although ribbed has a similar fit):

Tunic style turtleneck (old, but love this updated version):

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25 thoughts on “How to Tuck & Cuff Your Sweater Like a Pro | Slow Fashion | Curated Capsule Closet

  1. As always you're my styling guru! Thank you so much for this! I always appreciate your detailed instructions. I wonder which of these might work best for a pear shape (like me 😉) who's very small on top? Thanks!

  2. I liked this. I roll my sleeves up. A Nordstrom’s salesman taught me how to do it with the garment OFF the body. Might work better on jean jackets, etc. He rolled the end ALL the way up to meet the elbow and THEN rolled it once more to meet the other roll halfway but it winds up a 3/4 length sleeve. He used his thumbs and really worked that fabric to a crisp edge. Different than sweaters I know.

    I love how it shows your tan (or great skin color) and your jewelry. My sleeves are alway covering my watch.

    I just got a great blazer where they built in a 3/4 sleeve as if you shoved it up yourself. So cute my mom bought one too.

    I love an individual look. Thanks.

  3. Love the heavy weight grey sweater with jeans and those glorious red shoes! Definitely my look….I have a light olive complexion so your colors fit me as well. And I do well with black but I'm tired of it (how long has it been around? 40+ years?).
    Thanks for the sweater advice.

  4. Thank you Alyssa for the tips. I do like the effortless looks. I have the same Moschino belt I bought a couple of decades ago.

    Anything that I see the Instagram fashion style influencers wear, have, are the things I will never buy. Ie. the double GG Gucci belt, the Gucci Marmont bag, the Loewe puzzle bag, Doc Martins, any other pieces I see over and over again. I am glad that Instagram exists to show me what to avoid. Ha ha ha! All is well! To each their own.

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