Jeans for Thick Thighs – Fashion Nova Curve

What would you have paired with what in today’s video?
Fashion Nova:

I’m super appreciative of Fashion Nova Curve for sending me these items for free! I wasn’t however paid to make this video. My opinions are my own!

Items In Today’s Video:
First Outfit:
Syracuse Distressed Jeans – Light Blue Wash
$37.99 USD

Selfie Ready Long Sleeve Top – Cream
$17.99 USD

Second Outfit:
Going Good Cargo Jeans – Acid Wash
$37.99 USD

Leyla Off The Shoulder Top – Mauve
$34.99 USD

Third Outfit:
Eyes On You Skinny Jeans – Dark Denim
$34.99 USD

Call Me First Jacket – Rust/Combo
$49.99 USD

Fourth Outfit:
Bad Mamma Jamma Cargo Jeans – Medium Blue Wash
$37.99 USD

Lorrie Top – Pink
$19.99 USD

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30 thoughts on “Jeans for Thick Thighs – Fashion Nova Curve

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  2. The audio in your vids is always very clear and easy to hear. What mic do you use and do you use any audio processing on your voice? Love your accent BTW.

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