let’s talk about fast fashion

Today we are breaking down fast fashion and really taking about why its such an issue and what we can do as consumers! I was super nervous to film it so hopefully ya’ll enjoy ❤️ ☀️ http://instagram.com/alexasunshine83 V Click down below for more V

🌍 Ethical & Sustainable Resources
– “True Cost” Documentary on Netflix
– Kristen Leo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoRGO…
– Where I Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsAX1…
– Sarah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjYeV…
– (Good On You APP) https://goodonyou.eco
– https://www.worldchangerco.com

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41 thoughts on “let’s talk about fast fashion

  1. So glad you made this video!
    I work at a second hand store & I’m always trying to plant the seed of thought & start those conversations about where the (fast fashion) material & clothing is actually coming from & going to. I always get replies that tell me they didn’t know about ‘fast fashion’. I feel like there’s such a lack of awareness about this topic. I think this goes hand & hand with convienant marketing methods/manipulation always being presented to the consumer as ‘more more more, new new new=better’ as well as, always presenting the American person with convieniance = better/faster. It’s all over the nation with fast fashion, fast food, vehicles, even grocery stores. With seemingly relatable & ‘real life’ people on our social media apps such as ‘influencers’ marketing the big brands they’re reaching a whole other market of people. It’s such a domino affect & ‘everyone has to make money’. The slow but aware integration of people that can consistently try to do better as far as fast fashion ( and other economical, ethical, & environmental changes) will slowly contribute to the change we seek🙌🏼

  2. You did a great job with this video. You definitely opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes with those fast fashion stores. This year I've been trying to be smarter with my money and trying to buy items that would last me a while. Now I'm definitely going to be more conscious about what I'm purchasing and where I'm purchasing those items from.

  3. So amazing to see you using your platform for this topic. Being in college right now for wildlife biology and conservation I know all about these issues. It’s important we lower our own individual impacts on our world. Making a difference starts with ourselves which then inspired those around us! Love your stuff truly keep up these kinds of topics!

  4. I really enjoyed this video and would definitely like to learn more about ways to move away from fast fashion and picking out clothes for quality over quantity. Thanks for sharing such an important topic. I’m not perfect either but I do always find it more satisfying when I can put together fresh new looks with clothes I already own or alter a thrifted item or something in my parents closet to work for me. Thanks for reminding us to all be more conscientious of where are clothing comes from and at what expense. 🧡

  5. The only time I ever shop at the mall at fast fashion stores is for under wear socks and bras. Also for shoes because my feet are very small and it’s rare when I can find shoes second hand.
    Also sometimes If I cant find certain items I’ve been looking for for like a months! Then I’ll buy it at the mall.
    But even with these exceptions my closet is still 90% thrifted.

  6. I just started following you not to long ago and now your channel has become one of my favorites to watch. Growing up I had to buy second hand cause my family couldn’t buy new stuff all the time plus that’s how my parents were raised as farm kids.I use to be embarrassed to shop at thrift stores cause you were labeled as poor. Fast forward to now,I don’t like shopping for new clothes cause they are always a trend or it’s the same pieces you see in multiple stores. I see thrift store as self expression and a treasure chest of rare gems. Thank you for making this video!

  7. Thank you SOOOOO much for talking about this issue! I really appreciate that you mentioned the environmental aspect- the amount of "stuff" we have is crazy, and the fast fashion model of constantly buying new trendy pieces is incredibly unsustainable. I haven't subscribed to you in the past but I now have in hopes that you'll put out more videos of this nature 🙂

  8. Go girl. It's tough to be a voice that is counter cultural and I so appreciate your willingness to share. My life was also completely changed by The True Cost and I know that we're all at different stages with our journey, but I'm so glad that you're not projecting perfection and instead inviting us in to learn more with you!

  9. Love this vid. But i find it really difficult to make changes regarding this. Bc thrifting isnt a thing here and ethical brands are so expensive. For the past 6 months I came to the conclusion that the best i can do now is just not just buy everything. And really start thinking if its something i need or just want. If its the 'just want' I wont buy it. So i've hardly bought anything these past months. Which is good but i do love my fashion at the same time. So still looking for a better solution.

  10. This was fabulous and so informative! Because of your videos I have amped up my thrift game! So true you get great deals, plus able to express yourself, and help the world slowly but surely. Love you always♥♥♥

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are to be so admired for speaking out about this and for staying true to your ethics xo I absolutely love the fact that you do not sell out to sponsors of fast fashion or unethical products! Please never change…xoxo

  12. I love forever 21 so much but I don’t like that my clothes come from sweatshops and the workers are treated terribly. I’m trying my best to be more ethical and buy more second-hand clothes. Thanks for mentioning that shopping once a week is better than everyday and that even little steps are better than nothing. Thank for encouraging us instead of making us feel guilty for not being 100% ethical everything. (It’s just so hard because the forever 22 sale section is often times a lot cheaper than goodwills 😢). Anyway, here’s to ethical fashion and being conscious of our choices 🥂

  13. You did so good, don't be nervous sweetie. You're doing such a good thing sparking this conversation here and using your platform to discuss, inform and present alternatives!

    Nobody can do everything but everyone of us can do something! 🙂 <3

  14. No man, woman, or child deserves to work in a factory that is not safe or clean. The US has labor laws, unions, and many opportunities for workers to know their rights and speak their mind without losing their job. Underdeveloped countries do not have the same luxuries. There should be an appreciation for those who actually sew these garments or help to supply the materials.

    I’m NOT okay with killing animals and wearing them, (don’t come at me lol) but someone is risking their life to trap minxes or corral reptiles, profit very little doing it, for a purse or coat that can be worth thousands. I think all brands, including designer, need to stop harming all aspects of the planet and causing destruction to people and animals.

    As a theater geek, I think it’s easier to use this analogy. A musical isn’t a musical with only the leads. You have an ensemble, pit band, stage crew, production team, etc. Fashion wouldn’t exist without those behind the scenes and they deserve more credit.

  15. I enjoyed this video so much. You did a fantastic job. I’m almost all thrifted in my clothing purchases. My one exception is Target. Their jeans fit so well(I’m super short, small frame, and a big-ish booty). I need to go look at Plato’s closet and see if they have the jeans.

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