Life as a Fashion Design Student

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34 thoughts on “Life as a Fashion Design Student

  1. Plz try to make your videos more about fashion design and sewing coz In this vid your jut putting on makeup trying to look pretty and badly playing Pokemon go I really think you need to stop being so off task but otherwise I love you and your channel 😊❤️

  2. which university is this ? what course are you studying ? what are the requirements for the admission ? please help me out
    and please give me info about fees and other details about university please

  3. Hi guys! I study Fashion Design. At the moment I am documenting my final year in uni and Graduate Collection development on my youtube channel :)))) If someone is interested check it out! xxxx

  4. Hii 🙂
    Th sagst ja in deinem Video dass du 'Fashion Design' studierst. Wie genau heißt denn dein Studiengang? Ich würde so etwas in die Richtung auch gerne mal machen bin mir aber nicht so sicher was ich da studieren soll und vor allem auch wo >< help me pleaseee

  5. I'm from India and I was gonna say that it looks like Samosa but you already did PS I got no idea How People Can Be So Good At Makeup 😵 Loved the vlog ❤

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