Live sketching session! ǀ Fashion drawing for beginners: drawing models ǀ Justine Leconte

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41 thoughts on “Live sketching session! ǀ Fashion drawing for beginners: drawing models ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Hi Justine, thanks for this interesting video. I have a question about the proportions. Why are you trimming the body of this beautiful model? You made all the body extremely thin and elongated, missing all the curves and drawing lines that are not really there, like that extreme waist definition. Is there a reason for that? I cannot help thinking that this sketching technique can be partly responsible of the unhealthy thinness of models in the fashion industry. Or maybe it is because this is just the "structure" and you will elaborate the rest of the body later?

  2. 4:30 Me, too! I love to show off the collarbone/sternum, being smaller busted it's an area where I have nice definition. The rest of the outfit can remain conservative as conservative as I'd like, and when my skin is particularly healthy/glowing it draws attention up to my face.

  3. Haha I have to admit as an illustrator (not fashion illustrator, just the usual kind), I found this kind of hard to watch! Every time I tried to anticipate what line you were about to make you did something completely different. Clearly life drawing for fashion is a completely different discipline – interesting video in any case!

  4. I have been watching your videos since 2017 but stumbled on this one yesterday. so glad I did. I took pencil and paper and also drew your model. I was very please to watch u do it and following your steps.i have began to feel confident and will submit my first assignment in couple of days. thanks thanks thanks

  5. If you're not planning on recreate the essence of the pose and prefer to ignore all of the proportions, then I don't see why would you even need real-life model for your sketching. You're not really looking at her, you're not really learning anything.

    I draw stuff like that (same level of "sophistication I mean) just for fun by using my imagination and I'm not really an artist, more of a trained monkey.
    In my humble opinion, if one is planing on doing only fashion illustrations, then real-life sketching is a waste of time (just replicate other people's drawings and you'll be good, work on style more, some mix media materials maybe…) but if you really want to be a good artist, then your approach must be more fundamental than it shown in this video.

  6. Great idea for a video. I also appreciate the discussion below about the reduction of the body to the underlying structure, by necessity in order to sketch in 90 seconds, and the unhealthy reality of models, fashion and body image. Also! Today you are wearing Flamboyant Natural (Kibbe)clothes and it suits you perfectly!

  7. Hi Justine! Its Lisa from rural Pennsylvania!
    I've just discovered your channel & am enjoying all your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & talent! Though I'm old enough to be your mother, I'm learning a lot from you. I have always enjoyed drawing fashions just for fun, though I'm not a particularly snappy dresser but I'm learning! It's such a treat for me to have found such a soft spoken, classy young lady with so much to share!

  8. nope….well…for fashion I guess it's ok. But I'd rather watch some proko for figure drawing. I am more interested on a finished drawing to see how the style looks like in color, the representation of texture and weight of fabric. Looking forward to the next installments, thank you so much!

  9. I found this very informative I especially like how you do heels from the back for you it's like a circle with a little line that goes down to see that it represents a shoe little things make difference that caught my eye

  10. I love this part of the equation in the process of designing and would like to see more of this stage. So does the drawing come first, or is it the materials? I imagine a little bit of both. I love that you explain with every move of the pencil according to how you see the model. Thank you so much. I thought you were going to cut your hair!!! 😂

  11. It's really interesting to see the difference between drawing the human form for fashion design rather than for artistic purposes. Similar concept, draw the framework and get the details later, but different way of doing it. I was taught to do more "gesture drawing" by kind of scribbling the general form then erasing the extra graphite, rather than drawing a thin base and then filling it out later. The emphasis is still on getting the relation of the body parts and the angles of the lines, but it's done very differently. The figure is also very elongated, almost idealized, which makes sense for fashion design where the models tend to be very long and lean. Thanks for making this video! Thank you to your model as well, she held her poses very well!

  12. Woowww!!! impresionante!!! Cual es la diferencia entre dibujar a una modelo en frente de ti y dibujar la de una fotografia? Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento Justin, un abrazo y ys te extrañaba 💖💖💖

  13. I had so much fun drawing along with you, even though I am not in the field of fashion. I found the poses where we were looking at a side view much more difficult to do – did not have as easy a time with the lines of the shoulders/waist/hips or deciphering where the weight was held. It's so fun to draw with a quick time limit though! In the past I have done "30-second faces" or "60-second faces" and interestingly my faces drawn in 30 seconds are often better than those done with a longer time limit. I guess it's because you are absolutely forced to capture the essence of a look, rather than realism. So anyway, this was similar to that, and a great way to capture fluidity and "movement"! A unique and entertaining video!

  14. What I see in the S crurve is that the right hip is up, right shoulder coming down a bit towards the hip. Left side is straight with left hip down and left shoulder up. Therefor the left hand is ever so slightly higher than the right hand. Also in this particular pose the left shoulder is very slightly back farther than the right one. You will see your drawing has this error making the pose look off.

  15. oof haven't drawn anything in a million years! your video was a great inspiration for me to take a pencil in my hands again. thank you so much, Justine! and also thank you, Anna!

  16. Forgive me because I know nothing about fashion design. What is the point of making these drawings with a model present? Can't you just sketch clothes on a standard outline?

  17. Merci, Justine! Excellent demonstration of rapid fashion figure sketching. I didn’t draw along with you (eating breakfast), but watching you lay down lines as you describe how to analyze a pose reminded me of how much I loved drawing classes. You have the teacher’s gift.

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