Lolita Fashion True or False

Just a fun video to pass some time. This is mostly just basic information about lolita fashion, and more geared towards those who are new to the fashion, but it might be interesting to more experienced lolitas as well. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to learn more about the lolita style’s history, here are some useful links

47 thoughts on “Lolita Fashion True or False

  1. I don't even have one full outfit yet and I got these right. Though for number one…I agree and disagree. If it is insane hot I would not want to wear anything under a JSK…but I'd probably just put on a tank and some shorts. Unless I was going for a "Lolita Hilbilly (is that a thing?)" look with a Gingham JSK ect. Though I have the pleasure (or displeasure) of living in a area where winter can last up to 8 months a year…so I don't really have to worry about not wearing a blouse.

  2. Finally someone not latin american with bigger horizons 😀 I totally agree with you about the non-blouse thing. Some people don't know what is it like to live in Cancun, Mexico, and trying to put on so many layers of fabric. Blouse, cutsew or bolero, they are all garments that are too hot to wear on while outside it's almost 40 °C. Showing off the shoulders can be elegant and modest, it's not like showing cleavage, belly or too much leg -_- Yeah, lolitas from other countries may call us itas for that, but I must state that I no longer care 😀 I got into this fashion precisely because I didn't care about other people's opinions. Or do I have to stop wearing lolita during summertime because my clothes are not appropiate? That would imply nine months a year at least D: I prefer to show nice, clean shoulders instead of a sweaty blouse 😛
    And, regarding to the colors, I'm glad I found someone I agree with I love all the clors on the rainbow, especially every shade of green and I'm so going to try that in lolita.
    So thanks for being brave and for the nice video :3 btw, I loved your coord, you look so adorable <3

  3. #1: actually true because it was supposed to be like this (but you can wear it like you want to wear it just some Lolita's might think you're doing it wrong)
    #2: false (that's called a Lifestyle-Lolita but you don't have to act like this)
    #3: true (typical Lolita shape – but it doesn't have to be bell shaped it can also be A-line shaped)
    #4: false (it's like #2 you don't have to change your personality just because you're wearing Lolita – there are also Lolita Substyles without pink like Gothic,Punk,etc.)
    #5: true (there are just "Brandwhores" who think you should have)
    #6: false (everyone can wear Lolita – even boys so called "Brolitas" :D)
    #7: true
    #8: false (brown is mostly used for themes with chocolate or bears,green can be very elegent if it's a deep dark grreen,yellow can also be used for Sweet Lolita if it's not too bright and orange might be difficult but you can also use this for Sweet if it's a bit lighter – you can use EVERY colour as a Lolita)
    #9: false (like #6 – everyone can wear Lolita)
    #10: true (Lolita is based by Rococco and the victorian style)

  4. I disagree with the first one. Lolita is suppose to be a modest fashion and JSKs are considered sleeveless. So, the appropriate and correct way to wear it would be with a blouse. For people who find it too hot during the summer, but still wish to wear Lolita could wear cut and sews with a skirt. It may be casual lolita wear but it is a lot more cool.

  5. I missed the first one, but I think that's one that can be touchy depending on your location and the lolitas you meet. Personally, I've been told that if it's too hot to wear and blouse and jsk, then to wear an op or opt for a skirt and blouse combo. 

  6. i've wanted to wear lolita for a few years now, and i'm contemplating buying my first lolita dresses. i'm really worried about what my friends would say though. 🙁 i also feel like i am too tall. so i'm still on the fence. love your video!

  7. Actually, dress up SHOULD be for everyone. But social standards have made people think like you. Lolitas are trying to put some fun into their lives as well as the lives of those around us. You don't have to like dressing up but if adults dress up, there's no harm in it. In fact, it's pretty fun!

  8. thats really really true when my friends saw me wearing my school skirt(we have options to use pants or skirts for the girls and i usually wear pants) they would freak out and ask why i decided to wear a skirt on that day. Just imagine if i were to wear lolita infront of them :l

  9. omg.. i have one complaint why i cant see this video that i hope you edit so i can see it is… the music between you talking and the question is to loud as after your voice is to low…. kinda gets frigthen by the sudden music attack as i need to mute and unmute each time

  10. I'm a loli-genius, XD
    I'm also a tomboy, but I'm happy to wear boys' clothes and make people think I'm a boy (I have really short hair), but I do also love Lolita fashion, to wear cute dresses and skirts with pretty blouses. I have a sailor lolita dress a bought to a girl in one the local Lolita communities, and I've wear it and I love when people say I look cute or beautiful in that puffy dress or in other clothing people lend me.
    I simply love to wear what I want. 😀

  11. I normally wear jeans and t-shirts and sneakers, and everyone thinks it's just because I'm a little boyish, but really, I wanna dress up in skirts and frills, but no one will buy me any! Even when I ask for then for Christmas or my birthday. 🙁

  12. Uh, okay…. where did that come from? Thanks for calling me a fucker and a stupid bitch just for providing some helpful information. No good deed goes unpunished, right?

  13. WHY MAKING STUPID RULES? IT'S A MOTHER FASHION STYLE!!! stop making rules for everything like stupid bitches! (I LOVE LOLITA KEI, but I hate all these fuckers who pretend to be TRUE/REAL lolitas WITH THAT STUPID SO CALLED "HANDBOOK") GET OVER IT PPLE! NOOOOO ONE IS A TRUE LOLITA! IT'S JUS A FUCKING FASHION STYLE!!!!! IT'S MADE TO BE FUN AND TO MAKE US FEEL GOOD!! I am calm…

  14. I try and act like a tough tomboy who where's sweaters and kicks butt on the tennis court, but all I want is to dress up like how I used to as a little girl. I want to be cute and pink an not give a crap if I cuddle my stuffed animal or have a tea party with my bjd Juliet. I just wanna be Lolita!!!!!

  15. Ha ha. I love how you assume you know everything about fashion. I'm guessing you're a jackass that got dumped recently for your immaturity and RR. Congradulations.

  16. Wow you don't know anything about lolita, troll.
    1st it was based off of Victorian and Rococo periods.
    2nd it is Japanese. It originated from Harujuku Japan in the 70s.
    Ignorant troll, just because you don't understand something doesn't it its 'sick' and 'wrong'. It is a FASHION. You can't tell people how they should and shouldn't dress.

  17. I got them all right! I agree especially with the you should be you while wearing Lolita. Also, no matter what your race/height/weight/size you are, you can wear this fashion. But actually, it's not just bell shaped dresses/skirts that can do good with Lolita, A-line and cupcake shapes can too. But I hate how much hate American/non-Japanese Lolita's get! And, why must they compare us to that book??? I don't think the fashion has anything to do with that book…

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