Lori & Monte Go to Bridal Fashion Week | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Lori & Monte love attending Bridal Fashion Week, they get to see all the new designs and even pick their favourites for the store.
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31 thoughts on “Lori & Monte Go to Bridal Fashion Week | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

  1. Lori, when you’re going to walk the concrete jungle, switch out of the heels. The damage you do to your ankles, knees, hips and back, all adds up. Get a good pair of sneakers for the walking.

  2. Awesome designer, and seems so caring and sweet, besides having a real eye for bridal fashion. I think that it's most important to have a heart for the work even more than having a particular technique down.

  3. Lori, "He doesn't like you like the likes me." Hahaha. "You spend all my money!" Hahaha again. 4:00 That tea-length dress with the silver embroidery – swoon. The dress with the raised waist is perfect for slightly pregnant brides or those with a tummy.

  4. I do not like the waist to be “a little bit” raised, hitting the rib cage. That’s the one thing I actively disliked about my own wedding dress (but I lacked the time and money to sew or find what I really wanted). It’s the same problem I have with most ready-to-wear dresses.

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