Love Shopping? Must Watch this Video…Remake it! Save Money on Fashion Hacks

Be sure to watch this video before you make your next shopping trip. Watch how I personalize stuff to my liking with DIY techniques!
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23 thoughts on “Love Shopping? Must Watch this Video…Remake it! Save Money on Fashion Hacks

  1. Actually, to get a perfect result when painting leather shoes, you should clean them well with ACETONE, not alcohol! Make sure you are using pure acetone, that it does not have oil in it (like nail polish remover usually has). This will take off most of the old paint, so the new paint can absorb and take it's place. That means you will get a beautiful and lasting result! I recommend painting outside, to prevent a mess of spray paint, you can put the shoes inside a large box and spray into the box…

    Just my NOK .50 worth… 😊 Thanks a lot for great videos, Bhavna, especially love your cooking videos! 👍❤️

  2. Hi Bhavna, would you consider doing a video also, maybe explaining Indian women's clothing in general? You mentioned the dresses are called Saris? Are they just normal dresses that Indian women wear every day, or are they worn just for parties or special occasions and what goes with the dress? What are the customs and traditions with women's clothing? It would be interesting to learn about this. But at the same time, this may be a big request. I could also just look it up online. 🙂 Thank you again for sharing.  Christine

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