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Every men’s Spring trend that you need to know about this 2019 season. I attended the fashion shows last year, researched the trends, and went shopping to put together this list of Spring/Summer trends for you guys. These are heavily inspired by the pieces on the runways and I hope it helps you when looking to build your spring closet this year.

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My Runway Inspired Lookbook from Milan Fashion Week SS19:

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Links to shop the pieces down below:


Leather Jacket



Sac de Cou

Fanny Pack


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40 thoughts on “Men's Spring Fashion Trends for 2019 (In Stores RIGHT NOW!) | OneDapperStreet

  1. Haha I really do like your style a lot and I get these are “runway” trends but I like your original looks so much better. You had a wonderful mix of street/business that relates to business professionals who also like to go out. Like really who would wear half this shit except models. I admire the research and your commitment to following fashion trends, but your originality and your deviation from that is what made me subscribe in the first place.

  2. Hi! Sorry for the silly question, but, have you seen south korea's men's wear? I think you'll find it interesting, also I don't know nothing about fashion but the things you've shown here I feel like the Koreans have been doing it for a while. Cool channel! Have a great day

  3. I'm going to be a bit harsh. This is just very pedestrian. This isn't fashion. None of it looks exciting or inspiring. It looks stale. Please come up with something that pushes the boundaries a bit more. Doesn't have to be short shorts even though I have nothing against them, but as a person who sells style, I expect you to pick up a wider variety of clothes (and brands) and try to help people mix and match things and have some sort of eclectic look which is fashionable and perhaps trendy, but is also sufficiently unique and Interesting with a capital I. It may be a difficult job to pull but then that's why you are on the other side of the screen and we are on this side.

  4. Have to be honest I wouldn't ever wear the majority of trends in this video, but as always Marcel I appreciate you keeping us informed. You did a great job at least making some of these crazy runway trends look wearable.

  5. Look No.3 the last time sandal and blazer/ suit made a good combo, my father was 2 years old
    Look No.4. Techwear is techwear/ futuristic vibe, please don't combine it to undergarment short…and the coat, it belongs to more traditional vibe than tech.
    Look 1,5,6 are fairly ok with minor adjustments.

    The thing is, you've just messed up the vibes. Traditional, casual, tech, futuristic, classic, country…all messed

  6. To all you people who criticize these trends if you dont like em keep rocking boring jeans and white tees or something nobody said these are objectively good looking

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