New fashion collection – episode 2 ǀ #ProjectRacine ǀ Justine Leconte

The creative process of Project Racine continues! My next collection is now going into the pattern-making phase, I am choosing fabrics and colors, the timing is getting tighter.
I hope you will enjoy seeing more of what happens behind the scenes of the fashion industry, when developing a fashion collection. One thing I have learnt since starting out as a fashion designer: it is SO MUCH MORE work than what people usually think! I hope that this video series shows that aspect – but also how creative and “free” the process nonetheless is.

What do you think of the idea of a pre-order period?
It would mean that you wait a couple of weeks between ordering and receiving your garments. But it guarantees that you will get your size (and that you’ll get it as soon as the collection is out!).
Opinions? Objections? Suggestions?
Thank you!

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37 thoughts on “New fashion collection – episode 2 ǀ #ProjectRacine ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Hi everyone! What do you think of a pre-order system? It means that you place your order (in the size you want), then we go into production and deliver your garments to you first. It allows me to better plan all sizes and avoid being out-of-stock too soon for some sizes (which happened last time) – but you’d have to be patient: is it OK to wait a few weeks before getting your garments? How long is OK, how long is too long?… Thanks for your opinions & comments: some of you watching this are also customers, so I want to get this one right!

  2. I think presenting pre-ordering as an environmental and ethical decision would be helpful as well. Less waste. It would work a bit like buying handmade from somewhere like Etsy.

  3. I vote for the pre-order phase, please. As a larger woman, I would love to purchase something in your line. Your previously collection was too small for me and it immediately put me out of the market. If you offer XL or XXL, I would happily pre-order and wait. I trust that your sizing would be easy to understand. I also trust that your design is meant to be a staple in my closet and something I would reach for time and time again. Waiting for it would be part of the fun, a build-up of anticipation for me.

  4. Honestly Justine, there are a lot more XL and XXL women that aren't being designed for. Small women can shop anywhere! Just thought I'd put that out there before I continue watching. <3

  5. Hi Justine, would you consider taking photos of you new collection with a short model as well as a tall one? Some clothes look so good on tall models and look funny on shorter women.

  6. I think it´s a good system, we wait for a long time for some "cheap" clothing many of us order from those online stores that you reviewed once in one of your videos, and other ones, so it wouldn´t be a problem to wait for quality clothes that are made specially for our size. I live in América so I´ve waited even for 3 weeks for things I´ve ordered to arrive from Asia for example, I think if I´m ordering something from my same country, I´d find 1 week a reasonable period to wait for, if I order from outside my country, 3 weeks max. Best success with this new collection!

  7. preordering is a genius element when it comes to planning production. if you get the customer's money & demand upfronf, that gives you money & knowledge to make a more accurate & fortuitous order

  8. Pre-ordering in a small collection is an excellent idea for both the customer and the producer. It’s a bit of an old-fashioned business practice, but it gives the client a veneer of exclusivity.
    Loved the video, as a home sewer it’s always interesting to see the creative process on a larger scale.

  9. So interesting seeing your behind the scenes and just how much work goes into it. Amazing job Justine, this series is fab. The pre-order is a great idea, good things are worth waiting for.

  10. Every sale rack I see is loaded with small sizes and few, if any, large sizes. As an xxl, I'm used to seeing my size selling out first. I think the biggest hurdle is reaching larger sizes to let them know. I ignore designers because I assume I'm not included. They aren't in my radar at all.

    I see no problem waiting and think of it more like a kickstarter. The big thing is returns since fit is a huge issue with larger sizes.

    I think it would be wonderful to put out a line in 3 main body shapes, but probably a nightmare for you. Sigh. Everything is about the fit.

  11. Preorder would be great. I would be willing to wait up to a month as long as it was well in advance of the season of the garment. How would you handle returns on preorder if they did not fit?

  12. Please do include XL and XXL! The average size in the states is a US 14/16, which I think is a UK 16/18. So few designers go above a 12/14, I think it would definitely help you stand out! You could reach out the12ishstyle on Instagram and #makemysize; I'm sure she would consider giving you a shout out for expanding your sizing!
    And personally, I would love it bc I have no idea where to begin for buying plus size, ethically made fashion!

  13. Hello, Justine, I am marveling at how confident you are, at such a young age! I would be so scared. How do you keep your nerves in check? Besides your own fashions, which other designers do your gravitate toward?

  14. I must admit that you have changed the way i shop . I find myself now concentrating on a core wardrobe. I have been buying mainly blazers, moto jackets, trousers, white cotton covered buttons shirts, turtle neck thin sweaters. I realized i had so many clothes but always gravitated to only a few classy pieces. Elegance was always what i really appreciated. I have probably save lots of money by not buying so many items but I am certainly getting pricier more quality pieces. I took your advice and looked for loved items in thrift stores and can you believe i got a pair of new Karl Lagerfeld black leather booties? I feel so smart right now. Lol. Thank you Justine. Keep us informed

  15. Hey Justine~ I am new to your channel and happily playing catch up! I have enjoyed your first two New Fashion Collection episodes and very much appreciate your taking us along. I wish you incredible success! I loved the gray top you tried on… and would love it in several colors myself. 😉 Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience… and your creative process. Back to my game of catch up….

  16. I respect the whole creative process and acknowledge the amount of hard work that goes into it. I am a creator myself in the field of Indian classical dancing.

    I have a genuine question as a prospective customer of your brand – what is the USP of your brand in comparison with the scores of other designer brands out there that would make a customer buy only from you?

    Appreciate if you could respond.

  17. Thank you for sharing the process of your new collection with us. I am finding the technicians business decisions fascinating. As a plus size woman (US 14/16), I am thrilled you are expanding sizing upward. We need more options!

  18. If I had to take a guess, I'd say: order at least as much of the XL and XXL as you do of other clothing sizes – if not more.
    Costumers of bigger sizes are used to – having to spend a bit more and – having to plan ahead to receive a piece (or waiting for a preordered piece for a couple of weeks) already. There are more people in plus sizes than you think. And we're searching for good quality staple pieces that are more than just upsized mindlessly. If you make them fit well (don't just assume a person who has wider hips HAS to be a giant in every direction as well and make them all floor-length – I know you wont), they'll be sold out VERY fast. You can quote me on that. I'd be up for a bet on that… ^_~

  19. Hi Justine! I' m from Argentina. Sorry, my english is awful 😥Can you tell me something about the plotter machine un the pattern atelier? I work doing clothes patterns here, but is all by hand or print by graphic plotter. Great video, very interesting. Love your dedication😘😘

  20. I have no idea how things are in other places, where I live there was a lot of demand for XL and XXL clothes a few years ago, until… there was supply. Now the stores are full of leftovers in those sizes and scarce of M and S.
    The pre-order may work I think.

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