New fashion collection Fall 2018: Episode 1 ǀ Justine Leconte

This video is a milestone in my career as a fashion designer: we have been documenting the development of the new collection 2018 since the beginning, and today you’re seeing the first episode!
It covers the creative process: inspiration, mind map, visual research, sketching and turning ideas into something more concrete.
For this collection, since it feels quite organic in terms of concept, I started all sides of the project simultaneously: creative part, fabric sourcing, cost calculation, production planning, etc.
Disclaimer: I’m not there yet. At all. So everything you hear here might still change completely. We will see 😉

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27 thoughts on “New fashion collection Fall 2018: Episode 1 ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Hi everyone! Very curious to hear what you think about this new series: do you enjoy it? Had you guessed what my inspiration for the collection would be? Any part of the creative process that you would particularly like to see next? Thank you! 💙

  2. With this video I magine many textures and some patterns of different shapes on your next collection, not the typical predictable pattern but mor made of random natural shapes. Also if it´s going to be a fall-winter collection, textures are used more often on those kinds of garments. I wish you a great success! Thanks for sharing the process with us.

  3. I so much look forward to follow you and your collection – this video to me has different layers. It was very beautiful and inspiring.
    I hope so much your collection will be a mix between nature, the organic stof and human made things – showing the impefection and ever changing moment. All my very best wishes for your collection, work and inspiration.

  4. I love this series! I am fascinated by the creative process and how it is a little, or a lot, different for each artist. I have a logistics background, so adding it to your design process is amazing and challenging. On the other hand you don’t need conferences to negotiate changes. Well done! By the way, you look like a teenager in your video-just fresh-faced and beautiful.

  5. Hello there, I've just discovered your channel. Thanks for the video, loved it. I think it is important to show that the creative process can be at times difficult, as a lot of people don't realise how much work and effort is put into designing and making clothes. I would very much like to see in more details how you manage to materialize the colours and textiles from your mind to the actual garments. I imagine it can be very hard sometimes, as what you visualize in your brain or on paper may not necessarily have the same feeling when produced.

  6. I spent last summer in Matera, It really is charming and picturesque. Thanks for taking us on your journey. I admire how you’re so organized. I am not an artistic person, however after watching tons of your videos you really are an inspiration to me. Looking forward to your collection and your success.

  7. Its so interesting to watch the birth of a new collection. Really curios about the colors, will they follow the 2018 trend of warm/earth colors – brown, deep orange… ok I guess it will be a surprise, but it will be great to see a video on how you decided on the color pattern.

  8. I am so glad to see you comment about your own line. I've watched probably all your videos and have greatly enjoyed your reviews of other brands like UNIQLO, but I also thought, "hey! I want to see more videos about your line! I'm saving up for a skirt from your collection." On the one hand I do love that your videos not all self-promotional and ad-like for your own gain. But on the other I felt more than just reviews of ASOS I want to see your clothing design. Glad to see this longer video. And your creative process. All of us who have ever been indie creators know what you feel. It's brave. It's exhausting. But you're inspiring. Good luck!

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