New PLUS SIZE Jeans 2XL | Fashion Nova Try On Haul (Apple Shape Belly)

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Hey Boo’s! Ya’ll wanted a haul so Fashion Nova reached out to me and I happily accepted lol. These jeans are literally perfect. Have you gotten you some? If not, check below for my coupon code 🙂

Fashion Nova’s Plus Size Link-
Fashion Nova’s Website-
Use Code: XONene for 15% OFF

Jeans I have in Order 2XL (16/18)for everything
Jean Jacket-

USE CODE: XONene for 15% OFF

Proper jean size equivalents
1X- 14/16
2X- 16/18
3X- 18/20
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38 thoughts on “New PLUS SIZE Jeans 2XL | Fashion Nova Try On Haul (Apple Shape Belly)

  1. Hey girl I just ordered jeans the canopy ones in a 1x I'm confused with everyone honestly cuz I'm 220poumds but 5'8 it doesn't look like I weigh that much and I have a smaller stomach then most people who order 2-3 x idk I'm confused I haven't worn jeans since I was a size 9 cuz I felt horrible cuz I gained so much weight idk I hope they fit me

  2. What about dresses im stressing because i hate something too big but i got one of thier body suits and dress in a 3 x im hoping i made the right selection . this is why id ont like online ordering. Its nice they give description of how much spandex is in the clothing. But im scared now because now im second guessing should I have chose 2x.

  3. Im a 15 in jeans…. 1x was way too tight around the waist (tight when ziped up) Returned those and got a 2x fit better but too loose. I guess im in between sizes☹ it depends more on your waist line not hips That part is stretchy.

  4. Thank u soooo much for the size chart in this video. I'm planning on ordering from Fashion Nova but I've been watching YouTube Fashion Nova reviews to know my right size. The only problem is no one explained the sizes like u. Now I know that I'm a size 2x (16/18) . Thanks ! 👍🏾👏🏾

  5. I LOVE Fahion Nova!!! MOST of the jeans are STRETCHY–NOT all of them! You have to look at the amount of Spandex percentage…and I base it off of the jeans that I already own from FN! Some of my 2x fit PERFECT…others were too tight if they weren't as stretchy…but I have also ordered 3X and they were too big or to it depends on the particular jeans. Use code fb30… I have been using the same code for almost a year and it has never failed me. The CON about FN is there are NO REFUNDS…ONLY RETURNS with a GIFT CARD to purchase more items. This is definitely my GO TO store..the other CON is their plus size shirts are made for thick girls with flat ass stomachs!! They don't have enough shirts for us kute fluffy girls who DO NOT have flat stomachs!

  6. thank you for being so real!! i actually have that problem (i have a pouch) and i always wear long shirts to cover it too. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this try on because you're the first girl with my body shape and i can never find anyone to see how things would look on me ❤❤

  7. I feel like Im the same size as you but I'm not a 16/18 im a 14/16 and I ordered the jeans In 1X I hope they fit 😞I been wanting to order from fashion nova for sooooo long but was always scared about sizing

  8. so I watched this video because I wanted to see what the hype about fashion nova jeans were & you pursued me to buy some because i’m shaped just like you. I bought them from the fashion nova site, and I was super excited when they came. I pulled them out of the package and noticed the plastic around it said Bob Jeans and the tag said Bob Jeans. I bought the exact same size as you because my body is shaped much like yours, and they did not fit whatsoever. they couldn’t even button. I didn’t know fashion nova used 3rd party vendors, I thought I would receive some “fashion nova jeans”… highly disappointed. do you have any advice on what I should do the next time? because I really want some “fashion nova jeans” with the actual fashion nova tag, not some 3rd party jeans.

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