NYFW Haute Fashion hiTechMODA – Fall 2018 – Ivette Alaniz of DISENO E IMAGEN EN ALTA COSTURA

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hiTechMODA pursues to inspire and empower fashion talent worldwide through technology and a world-class production on a traditional runway platform.
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – September 6, 2018 – hiTechMODA is where technology and sustainability meet fashion: 13 international designers will showcase their 2019 lines at the sold out hiTechMODA fashion show on Saturday, September 8 at the Hotel Roosevelt during New York Fashion Week. The expert curation of the show is through the creative direction of Catherine Schuller. Our technology sponsor for the show is TailorNova, Co-Founded by Yuliya Raquel.
The show provides a platform for independent designers to showcase their collection at a state of the art production; including a 60-foot runway, with one LED screen, and two- winged video screens during Society Fashion Week. hiTechMODA is elevating awareness about how technology and fashion are teaming up for a partnership that is positively disrupting the industry. The concept and theme of a designer’s creativity has a backstory that must include a pledge to adhere to the consumer.
“Statistics prove that consumers are interested in the narrative behind their purchases, including the designer; they are looking to buy marvelous and unique pieces. If the story is profound or one that is justifying as technology advancing, sustainable, or relatable to the designer, the consumer is more inclined to buy,” says co-host, Heather Louise Finch, Founder of LeadersNestTM

The mission is to inspire, empower, discover and encourage fashion talent worldwide. From Emerging and Indie Contemporary Designers to Plus Size Fashion visionaries; hiTechMODA exists to democratize and empower sustainability of the fashion industry by enabling technology that makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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