Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends/ Try On/ 2018

Fall is in full effect. Today’s video is all about the top fall fashion trends and where to get them in plus sizes. This video breaks down atleast 5 of the top fall fashion trends. Below are links to all the pieces shown. Also, checkout the Stylish Curves dedicated blog post to all the top trends.

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Fall Fashion Trends Blog Post:

Clothing Featured
ASOS Leopard Print Dress:
Fashion To Figure Dress:
F21 Plaid Pants:
Old Navy Prairie Dress:
Blanket Sweater:

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31 thoughts on “Plus Size Fall Fashion Trends/ Try On/ 2018

  1. Hey guys! Here's the fall fashion trend video some of you requested. I hope you guys enjoy. I did it a little different than my past fall fashion videos. Also, let me know which trend you like best.

  2. about the Fashion to Figure double-breasted plaid dress: WHY (oh why?) can't they line up the pattern? It's a lovely dress except for that. I wouldn't wear it with the wonky line-up. sigh

  3. I have to say this very informative and very upscale look at Fall 2018 for the plus size ladies. I absolutely love how professional this video is. Im going to follow you at stylish curve right now!
    *The recap was the icing on the cake! I'm impressed with video style choices,production,editing,lighting,backdrop&more. Can you teach me…..How to be a Diva in these YOU Tube Streets. Lol❤

  4. I love watching your videos. You are professional and knowledgeable. I might try the blanket coat this season. It will definitely be a step out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the video 🤗

  5. Great video I'm ready to go shopping now!! My favorite is the blanket sweater. I've never had one before so now is the time. The double breasted dress I really like I'm just thinking of where I can rock that (I teach elementary school so it's a no go for work). Would you do another shoe haul for fall/winter shoes/boots. It helps to know where to look for my size(11). Thanks for keeping me in style😊

  6. I definitely remember Clueless and Little House on the Prairie. As much as leopard is a staple for you, plaid is always a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. I definitely prefer your take on the prairie look. Love that Girls with Curves collection.

  7. Queen you are spot on! Love how you put this together!!! Thank you ever so much! Sexy suiting and maybe a prairie dress are in my near future!! I may have to jump into some plaid and I'm definitely updating my zoo!!

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