Plus Size Fashion: How to Dress on a Budget at Walmart (Clothing Haul/Lookbook)

Plus Size Fashion: How to Dress on a Budget Walmart Clothing Haul and Lookbook

Plus Size Fashion: How to Dress on a Budget Walmart Clothing Haul and Lookbook

Hey guys! OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE ALL OF THESE CUTE OUTFITS ARE FROM WALMART! In this plus size fashion video I took a trip to walmart where I picked out a bunch of clothes and creaed 10 plus size outfits that are both inexpensive and cute! This is a plus size clothing haul/lookbook/tips on how to dress well on a budget.

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46 thoughts on “Plus Size Fashion: How to Dress on a Budget at Walmart (Clothing Haul/Lookbook)

  1. I really like the styles there. Been purchasing there for many years. I was a vendor rep when I was working and I worked at “prestigious stores”, like neimans etc. i always get compliments. And i like their clothes so thats all that matters!

  2. I loved all of the pieces that you picked out especially the camo button up and long sleeve basics. Please share another haul! Would love to see more budget friendly outfits that you come up with for the fall.

  3. I have that maroon sweater/hoodie and I love it I always get compliments every time I wear it. But I'm going to try and tie it like you did I had to go down a few sizes in it made me feel good 🙂 since I'm a plus size girl 🙂

  4. Yes girl! You killed it with these outfits!! I am the exact same size as you, same body type as well and it gave me so much confidence watching you rock these outfits. You had me going right to Wal-Mart's website to grab that tan crossbody purse! I do have one suggestion/request though – next time, can you do more poses with the outfit? Turn around, stand sideways, and otherwise show off that body a little more! It'll give us a little more of an idea of how it looks all over. Thank you so much for doing this video, you definitely have a new subscriber here 🙋‍♀️

  5. Thank you for the Walmart haul. This year they seem to be stepping up and have some great stylish things (and remembering us plus size gals). I was shocked at the stylish booties they have this year, too. Can't beat the prices!

  6. Love this vid! Like you, I had no idea Walmart had cute clothes. I am sure each Walmart carries something different, but it is good to know I may find something there. Also I really liked the scarf and olive green drape-y jacket you picked out.

  7. Haha! Walmart pieces are my secret💕
    Most of my summer dresses came from there $10-$15😀 I love all of the compliments I get and the Fun in revealing the prices…You did GOOD!!! Loving your style more and more🌹

  8. Awesome haul!. I forget about Walmart sometimes. I'll shop at Rainbow because of convenience, but Walmart has quality. I had recently bought some slim leg pants from Walmart and you reminded me of the budget and the all around nice things they have. All of the outfits were cute and you can go anywhere in them, date, church, lunch ….

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