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Hey Babes! Wasn’t this haul adorable?! Also! HALLOWEEN starts SATURDAY on my INSTAGRAM – make sure you’re following!


ROMPER / 18 /

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Los Angeles & Phoenix-based, jet-setting plus size fashionista, YouTuber, blogger, photographer, model, entrepreneur, beach obsessed babe. It’s so great to meet you!
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Height: 5’6
Top size: 14/16, 1X
Bottom size: 18/20, 2X
Shoe size: 8.5
Bra: 38DD/40D

47 thoughts on “PLUS SIZE FASHION TRY ON HAUL | City Chic is SO cute! | Sometimes Glam

  1. I have never shopped city chic. So happy I found your channel. Loved all the pieces. One question,, how tall are you? I'm plus sized but only 5'1" and always have trouble finding pieces that are short enough.

  2. Are you in Phoenix? Tempe has the only new plus size Old Navy in AZ. I wonder if they are worth the travel to visit? Just a thought. That stripped dress was killer and I'm not stripe-crazy. It was classy and balanced.

  3. I love City Chic, great quality and sizing! Would love to see a video on their separates! I feel like everyone always shows the dresses which I already know I love but I haven't tried their pants or tops because I know nothing about them.

  4. Crystal- my girl!! I’m so in love with your hair color!! I tried to do it myself and you would laugh if you saw the outcome! 😆 This morning after I took my Daughter to school and the baby was napping, my 4 year old Son & I watched your video and he said “Mommy she is so beautiful”!! I had to share that with you!! 😘

  5. love dark green dress, kimono-slip dress is gorgeous!, layered off shoulder dress…very pretty, black and white dress with slit…nice, halter neck long dress…so pretty! Oh that stripe black and white dress is off the chain gorgeous!!! it's really stunning on you! Romper so cute! I have the size differential problem too…smaller on top but this works!!! Thanks Crystal!!!!

  6. I got that dark green dress in black by City Chic but at Macy's online. I love it and wore it to death. I usually paired it with a denim jacket because I don't like my arms. I always got so many compliments. It was a little on the expensive side though but very well worth it. I'm pretty tall 5ft 8in and it still skimmed the floor, which is what I always look for in a maxi dress.

  7. The nice thing about the romper at the end was the way the shorts laid at the sides. They didn't flare out and make a person seem wider. They were loose & flow-y, but laid so nicely which give a flattering contour! Nice.

  8. I absolutely loved the black & white striped dress paired with the Gucci belt..SOOO cute!!😱🤩😍 I’ve been loving American Eagle as of late..every chance I get I’m ordering off their site. Another awesome haul!! Hope you had an amazing weekend, Crystal!!💜😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 💜✨💜

  9. Lovely haul Crystal, they were all soo lovely, my faves were the black off the should dress and the floral halter dress that black romper was beautiful. Can you please try a brand name "Loft" I have been hearing about it and would like to hear your take on it please. Much love and appreciation to you Crystal 💕💖💜😍❤️💐🌸🇹🇹

  10. Noooo I must not buy any more
    City Chic. There is actually a package from them that arrived today in my kitchen lol. Love all these on you. I’m personally not a fan of rompers or jumpsuits solely because they’re a pita to keep off the floor in public restrooms. Love my shoulders and show them often. Also since I’m in central FL I can wear summer styles most of the year comfortably though I will suffer for my winter fashion being a New England girl at heart. You’re taste is so up my alley! Please stop…jk I love your videos just makes my bank account not so happy. Yolo right?

  11. I love watching your videos. I have a black maxi like the your first one in the video…love it! And I am only 5’2” but still wear it all the time. The blue kimono looked gorgeous on you!

  12. Hey, beautiful! I wanted to ask if you could possibly make video on outfits for women who want to be comfortable but stylish at the same time. I tend to stick to sweats and large t-shirts, but I'd like to move past that WHILE still feeling safe in my clothes.
    Also, would you consider doing complete look videos? Like combining hair styles and makeup to complement different outfits?

  13. LOVE City Chic and you!!! 💓
    They are my favorite brand and I have a City Chic store only 10 minutes from my home in Melbourne.
    I have been loving the clothing lately from CC, especially the LBD I just bought with a frilly neckline,(I did add invisible side pockets to it) I am looking forward to wearing it in spring that we have just jumped into. I love the green and emerald colours they have on the Aussie website. Since I am petite and an hourglass, I love that their clothing are easy for me to alter too (my chest and hips are a size 16 and my waist is a size 12, which like yourself, makes it nearly impossible to find properly fitted clothing. Plus I have fibromyalgia so even a slightly too tight/restrictive item (like jeans) or ill-fitted bra causes alot of pain.
    Love you heaps and how passionate you are about fashion as I am too, even though we have different styles (I love lace, pinup, vintage and rockabilly) and I make my own clothing and have been making custom clothing for babes for about 4 years now), I adore how body positive you are, and enjoy the tips you give and I do use them.
    If you are interested in my clothing designs Ihave a Facebook page called Miss Jelly Blossom, I would be honored if you could check out some of my fashion, hair and makeup creations!

    With Love,
    Janelle Mennen xxx
    (Melbourne, Australia)

  14. I'm in Australia, and city chic has been the only plus size shop I've been going to before I started watching youtubers like yourself a few months ago. I LOVE City Chic, and I love you too ❤️

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