POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 1 – Fashion Modeling Poses for Beginners – Tips and Tricks – Test Photoshoot

Posing for photography, especially fashion modeling, can be tricky. In this first video about posing for photography I will give you my opinion on the easiest fashion modeling poses, and will give some tips for beginners for both photographer and model.

This photoshoot was a testshoot of a first time model. Considering I received some questions about how I testshoot with models, and if I could give some tips and tricks on fashion modeling for beginners, I decided to make this short video. I will probably make a longer video in the future with actual live footage. I didn’t plan to make this video while I was shooting with my model, but actually received a lot of questions on this topic last week so thought I’d just take you through the pictures and give my opinion.

Posing for photography, especially fashion posing, is all about looking confident. Fashion modeling isn’t about how ‘hot’ your body is or how attractive you are, this is what glamour photography is for. In fashion modeling it’s all about selling a feeling / product.

More videos with tips and tricks:
Posing for Photography 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT6YDSDjrHY
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21 thoughts on “POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 1 – Fashion Modeling Poses for Beginners – Tips and Tricks – Test Photoshoot

  1. If you notice the photos on that sheet at the beginning of the video there is one thing inch photo that is exactly the same (not the girl in the photos either) She has the blank expressionless look on here face. It is as if you took one head and pasted it on each photo. The photographer doesn't know how to direct very well. I am an artist and photographer and take photos of models for my Pinup artwork. I do not like working with "MOdels" because they are set in their ways too much. I like women that are average but look great in na photo and even better in my artwork. I also like every photo I take to tell a mini story. I motivate each women I am using with how she should look in each photo. I am not just taking a bunch of random photos and hoping I will find something I can use. I need to be able to use everything I take. I see something in my mind and try to capture it as close as I can with my camera. I guess I am just used to the old fashion way of doing things like Vargas and Elvgren used to do.

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