Pronovias | Bridal 2019 | Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

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20 thoughts on “Pronovias | Bridal 2019 | Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2018

  1. One of the most awful fashion shows I've ever seen. Terrible, ill fitting and trashy dresses, weird staging, and a bunch of models doing the George Jefferson walk. And what is with the video? Either seeing the back or the front, but not both but for some reason we followed some feathery fluff ball around the runway for like an hour. Overhead shots from like 50 feet up? What does that do? Just awful

  2. Well when they create their lines they always about the bride but this this time the brides they thought the most were nudist brides. There are some beautiful dresses but very few are good as wedding dresses the most is impossible seen it as wedding dresses

  3. I might be wrong but I think a husband might not mind these dresses in the bedroom that night or any other night for romance, but I doubt he would want his wife walking down the aisle in one of those. I would be interested to hear from some of the men on this.

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