Rating My Wifes Fashion Outfits!!!

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49 thoughts on “Rating My Wifes Fashion Outfits!!!

  1. I was 20 when I had my 1st, 22 with my 2nd. I always thought being a parent while young was the way to go because when I have grandbabies I am able to play with them not just watch them run around but run with them. I'm now 25, choosing to wait until both are in school to start a real career, not just work retail like I had before becoming a sahm. I've cut the fun crazy 20s out of my life story but I can adventure and have fun with my kids when they're in their 20s, if they choose to go out on adventures with me.

  2. I've been wanting to have children young, probably mostly because it was the case of my mother, I wanted to still be young and able to keep up with the kids, I wanted to have the rest of my life left after that, I wanted them to enjoy their grandparents and grand-grandparents… but as I grew up, I postponed it many times and think it was best.
    Now when I look back, boy was I not ready in my twenties. I was definitely not mature enough, I still had impulses to do selfish or reckless things, and most importantly, I was definitely not in a healthy relationship with the right person. (Which was true too for my mother too, mind you. Although she doesn't regret having us, their relationship wasn't healthy and they divorced, with all sorts of consequences for us).
    The material aspect is important too, but I've seen awesome parents make do with very little resources, and wealthy but terrible parents too. So basically I think it must be pondered and planned, but it's not necessarily an absolute no-way, nor a guarantee of success.
    In my opinion the most important is having a stable, healthy relationship with someone trustworthy and on the same page as you on essential matters. And to be mature and selfless enough, which happens at very different times of life depending on the person.
    (You may only worry about the latter if you're going raise your child alone, which some people choose to do, and others have no choice but to do, and I respect that too)
    (Yeah, cause, also… sometimes you don't decide, life just happens by surprise, or refuses to happen when prompted to… full support if it is your case)

  3. I know you are a positive person most of the time, but always remember, “comparison is the thief of joy.” There have been times that we all go on social media and we look into our peer’s life and start comparing. It’s okay that you are in a different place than your peers. It’s ok to have had kids late, don’t regret waiting. We all do things according to what we feel is best for us at the moment. There is too much societal pressure telling us what we should be doing, where should we be at age 30, 40, etc. everybody follows a different path.

    And you never know, some of your friends from high school may be thinking, “man, that COREY guy has had some great adventures and now he is settling down to have a family, wow! What a life, I wish I had that.”

    The grass isn’t always greener. Always remember to be grateful for everything you have even if your life doesn’t fit perfectly into the average box 💕

  4. I'm honestly afraid to have children. I'm 23, my almost husband is 25, and we agreed that we wouldn't have kids until I am at least 28, and or we are financially stable, I find it so strange that people my age, even many of my friends have babies and even PLANNED them even though they can't afford a place for themselves to live. I can't help but to think what kind of lives are they going to have… I also have multiple mental health issues that I'm trying to find the right treatments for, and I'm so terrified that I'll pass that stuff on to my kids.

  5. You're far from old Cory and not past your prime nor had your family too late in life. Take my older brother for example who'll be 45 y/o this coming first week of December. His oldest child (my nephew) just turned 15 y/o days ago. That means he had his first progeny in 2003 at 30 years of age. His second son in 2006 at 33 and most recently his daughter born in 2017 at 43 years old. You've got nothing to fret and/or frown upon what age you started your family and had your children, Cory. You're 100% along the norms.

  6. My Dad had me when he was 45, he's now 72 (in a week) and he's at a point now where he's starting to do things for himself, we went to a music festival last year as he wants experiences for birthdays now, not gifts. He's probably fitter than my Mam (who's 13 years younger than him), but I do worry. If I have kids now, would they remember their grandfather well? When they're in their 20s, will he still be around. That's the hardest part for me, I feel like I won't get my Dad for as much of my life as my friends who have younger parents will. But at the same time I'm so lucky he's lived such a good, healthy life, some people aren't so lucky and I know too many who's parents have been taken much too soon due to terminal illnesses.

  7. There's no one right answer for everyone when it comes to parenting. I have friends who had kids younger and they sometimes had financial difficulties but they love their kids and they are happy. My husband and I just had our first baby just two weeks ago, and we are in our early thirties. For us, waiting was the right thing to do while we got ourselves in a healthy, financial place in life where I can work from home and stay with our baby. I think there are great things about either option, and as long as you love your kids and also are intentional about taking the time to do things for yourself and with your partner, it will work out just fine. Of course, I've only been a mom for two weeks, so what do I know? 😛

  8. I think have kids when you're ready and responsible. I was 17, almost 18 when I had my first. Unplanned, living with my mom, new relationship, and definitely NOT ready. It was hard but we got through it. Now its four years later, still in the same relationship, we bought a house, have two cars, welcomed our second child last year, our toddler loves being a big sister, and we were READY. Things were so much easier this time around, despite still being young. I don't regret having kids young because as you said, I feel I'll be able to have energy to enjoy life when my kids are 18. But I don't encourage people to have kids young if they aren't ready. I believe most people are ready when they're older, and if that's the case, then they should wait until they're older.

  9. I think some people need to be older and some younger when they have kids but I totally agree with not having kids when you are still live at home. Kristen your cloths are so beautiful. Glad you are enjoying them. Look forward to seeing the rest of them. Plus the kids when you get them some too.

  10. I mean I don't picture having kids anytime soon. I'm 24. If I were to have kids I would probably go down your route and say in my thirties probably. I mean I'm still young, and there's so much I want to do with my life. I feel like if I had kids now, they would definitely hinder my ability to do some of the things that I want to do. Also I'm not financially stable enough to take care of another human being. I mean I'm doing well for taking care of myself, but if I added a child into the mix which obviously babies are not cheap, I wouldn't be able to take care of myself or my kid properly. Plus you hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting all the crazy stuff out of your system while you're young. I know some people my age that have kids and still live their life like they don't

  11. Hey Cory and Kristen. Dena here. I'm from Orange County, Texas. I'm 43 Years old. I can't have kids. 2001 I had surgery hysterectomy when i was 26 years old. It was bad. The Dr. gave me 12 pants of blood. I almost died. When I woke up I look at the Dr. and she said Dena u can't have kids. And yes I was heart broken. I have my nieces and nephews. And I have 6 cats. My 6 cats are my kids. Check out my youtube channel Cats Lovers and another channel Sewing Lovers.

  12. I think people can choose whenever they want to. Each person is different. I had my son young (not planned and at 20) and I wouldn't change it. I love being able to do these fun things with him without hurting my own body and feeling sore for days afterwards. But a friend of mine is having a baby within the next few months and she is 30. She liked living her life during her 20s and is looking forward to having a child. Each person and couple is different.

  13. I have also been thinking about this a lot. I am 25 years old and together with my partner, who’s 40 years, we have a 2 year old daughter. Sometimes I think we maybe should have waited, because I’m still a student. Other times I’m like, «maybe I’m not in good shape when I’m almost 40, maybe my partner will not have energy to help around». It will never be the perfect time anyways 🙂 I’m so happy though to have my little family and it has made me so strong!

  14. My mother always said "If you wait to have kids until you can afford them, you'll never have kids". She was told that by her aunt when she was younger. So I feel like you should be stable in your life, and definitely out of your parents' house before you have kids. But I don't think there should be a limited age range to have them. Everyone lives their life at their own pace and that is how it always should be.

  15. Greetings from germany 🙂

    I'm 26 and my little girl is 1 1/2 years now. I think its the perfect age for us. My husband and I worked some years,lived together (we're a couple since we were 17) and we felt ready to have children.

    My husbands mom knows both sides. She had his halfsister with 18 and his sister and him with 40/41. She said when they were young it wasn't a big difference. But now it is. She is going to be 70 in 2 years. She cant play with our daughter like she played with her cousin 10 years ago. Her 2.daughter wants to have children in 5/6 years… She is afraid she wont be able to met them.

  16. My mum had me when she was 17 nearly 18 yrs old , she had 4 kids by the time she was 24 .. my parents divorced when I was 17 yrs old and after a while my mum got married again and had 2 more children .. There is 19 and 20 yrs between them and me .. I got married at 19 yrs old and had my oldest daughter when I was almost 21 , my daughter is now 31 yrs old and I have a gorgeous 12 yr old granddaughter.. (I say my oldest because I did have a 2nd daughter who was born sleeping who will be 29 in dec, yes I said will be as for me that’s her age ) I’m 52 now and I can see both opinions of what age to have children , I was ready to have children when I did .. xx

  17. My parents were in early-mid 40s when they had me, so they were a lot older than my friends’ parents, not that it matters. I was often asked if they were my grandparents, which they weren’t. They were still super active, though. One thing about having parents so much older is I lost them when I was in my 30s, and that sucked. People die, and we can’t control that, but it’s still crappy. I didn’t want to do that to my kid, nor did I want to have kids super young, like my sister and her kids did (I have a niece my age). I was 28 when we had our one and only, so will be mid-late 40s when she’s out. I’m good with that. Being in your 50s when your kids are out of the house isn’t bad! You’ll have lots of things you will do anyway. 60s…that’s pushing it lol

  18. My mom was 20 and 25 when she had my brother and I.

    The boyfriend and i are 36 and 26 – and only fur babies. We want to have a house and be stable Before having children. Only because we both grew up in shitty situations and want our children to have the best.

    I wouldve LOVED to have children by 25.. Only because i dont want to be really old and my child still be young.
    But it is what it is. Id rather wait then rush in to it.

  19. I can definitely agree, with having kids when you are stable. I even agree that I wish that I had my kids a little bit earlier. However, some instances like my in-laws, it made sense to have their kids young. Yes, it is mind boggling when you have friends or relatives that have kids in high school. O.O However, some people are ready earlier than others, some want to take their time, and others base their life choices by the roll of the dice,, which to me is scary and nerve wrecking. I do agree with Kate S that as long that you have a solid relationship and a supportive partner, then have kids when you are ready. 🙂

  20. Big topic in my life right know, I got married kinda young. I am 25 know and dont want to have kids in the next 3 years, because I have some really exciting travel plans that wouldnt work out with kids. on the other hand, i feel like with having kids at 28/29 i would be an "old" mom, cause most of my friends will have school kids by then.

  21. I was 31 when I had my daughter, it felt like the perfect age to me & have never had any regrets, she is 23 now. Kids having kids is a big NO NO! Sadly here in the UK a lot of young people get pregnant very young as having a baby means they are entitled to be housed by the state:( Housing is fast becoming something only the rich can afford I'm afraid. I'm of the generation where your kids can't leave home because they can't afford too. My daughter has a great job working for local government, she earns a great wage but still cannot afford to leave home.
    Are Grangy & Grark ok? I haven't seen them in ages & really miss them, I hope they're both well. Su x

  22. I agree with you. My husband and I got married at 25/26 got pregnant a month later. So we never really had that honeymoon period. That was 9 years ago. We now have an almost 2 year old. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old for little ones but I think they keep us young. We just took a family trip up to Yellowstone that was fun, but honestly there were times we wished the kids were older. Try not to think so much of what your age will be when they’re older and just focus on enjoying them now.

  23. I have been lucky enough to experience both sides. I started having children after high school. I loved having all that energy to keep up with them but I had 3 in a row and it seemed to be so very busy. Than 2 more after that. I later remarried so I had kids when I was older which is fun too. Though the friends who had kids with me the first time now have grandkids the same age as my newest kids. I love that I seem to be able to enjoy them more now that I'm older but I dont have the energy I did. I feel I did more the first time around as I was younger and could do it all. I was fortunate also when I was younger I was financially ready as I was a saver. Now being older, well let's say crap happens. A.K.A. his ex ruined our financial situation which ruined him and I. So financially in my case it's awful. The only thing about being an older parent is the risk to your babies. Because sadly the older we are the more chance of Downs syndrome and such. My 8th child was born 9 weeks early due to me getting severe pre eclampsia very early in my pregnancy due to me being older. I agree with Cory. Kids dont have kids if you cant support your own selves. It might sound like fun to have a cute little baby to cuddle but that baby is your responsibility and that baby is your child forever. So enjoy your childhood. I personally was ready to be a mom early and could afford it but I didnt get to live life. I didnt do all the fun stuff my other friends did after high school. Do I regret it, not at all but just know you cant turn back time. There is a phrase I tell all my children. There are always 2 choices in life. One may be right, one may be wrong but once you make your choice there is no looking back or second guessing your choice. You go full speed ahead. Very interesting question Cory. Also you'll still be young to enjoy life Cory when your kids are grown. Unless you get the baby fever and start all over again hehe…

  24. I have yet to have children. The family in law are pressuring me always asking. My mum would like me to have them, but is super chill. I am 28 but I want to give it a few years. I want to be in my 30s before I even think if I want to have kids.

    I want to do stuff. I would like to have more money and our own home before even thinking about it.

  25. Hi guys. I’m pregnant with my first child due New Year’s Eve and I’m 28 and il nearly be 29 when he’s born. My partner is 36. I’m glad we waited until now as we are financially stable and own our home. We still have some fixing up of the house to do but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have been together 8 years and constantly asked when are we having kids. It depends on your situation and when you feel ready to be parents. Not everyone is ready for that sort of commitment in there early 20’s. I know accidents happen though. You will be happy you waited later on as you have made the most out of your life and are now on a new chapter 🙂

  26. Like you said, I think there are pros and cons to this question, I was 26 when I had my daughter and my husband was 30, but he had already had a son with his previous relationship when he was just 18, there is no doubt he was not ready at 18 and although he loves his son, him and his ex were not ready, they were not able to make the relationship work and that caused heart ache for everyone.
    When we had our daughter we were both 100% committed to having a child together and we have now been together for 26years, and very happy still.
    My husband was amazing as a dad, but he had experiance, he helped me in so many ways, like how to get our daughter to sleep through the night and helping to know when she was sick or when she was just teething for example.
    So in conclusion to this long post, what I think is most important is the relationship, not the age, I think if you have two parents who love and support each other, that is priceless because then all your energy and live can go in to loving your child, not trying to cope with relationship issues. X

  27. I didn’t find the person I wanted to have children with until I was 40. I would have preferred to have children younger (mid-20’s-early30’s), but that’s not how it worked out for me. That being said, I loved my life before meeting my husband, I loved my life when it was just the two of us and I love my life now raising our daughter. I would’ve like to have more than one, but being older, it’s not likely to happen, so I try to enjoy the time I have with my daughter. It’s not easy, energy levels aren’t what they were when I was younger, but you do what you must. 😊

  28. Great clothes Kristen! Cory, I believe it is different for everyone. I had mine when I was 18 and 20. I didnt regret it at all. But I was not the type to go to bars or just hang out. I was pretty mature. My kids were able to spend time with their grandparents, great grandparents. My great grandparents even were able to hold my 1st baby. We have had 5 generations together one time.
    I am glad I had them young because I was able to enjoy them. I am 52 now and have grandchildren-the greatest joy in my life. I was able to enjoy them too. Now, I am physically disabled and have recently been knocked down with several autoimmune diseases. I make way less money now than I did. My kids may not have had every want in the world but they always had what they needed. I think in my case, God made the timing and I trusted him. Every person is different. You seem to be at the perfect age for you to have young kids. Variety- even in when we start our families- makes life great.

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