Sister Pudicha Fashion'na Pottukunga | Put Chutney

Here’s the only fashion advice you need this year! Wear what you like, sister!

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Music Production:
Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda

Mix & Master:
Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda

Brand Solutions Team:
Sharique Khan
Joshua Dave
Rohan Karnani

Sales Team:
Arvind Sivanuri
Aditya Anand

Crew –
Misha Ghose

Director Of Photography:
Arnab Gayan

Associate Producer:
Aniket Tari

Production Design:
Viveka Banja

Talent Next
Aniket Tari
Shreyas Khattekari

Hair & Make Up:
Zahabia Lacewalla

Production Head:
Vinay Iyer

Line Producer:
Abhijeet Warang

Location Manager:
Sharad Tondwalkar

1st AC:
Mayank Khurana

1st AD:
Karan Nagwekar

2nd Assistant Directors:
Shreyas Khattekari

3nd Assistant Directors:

Palraj Singh

Light & Light
Light Craft & Sound

Steadycam Operator:
Akhilesh Patel

Costume Stylist:
Shweta Sharma

Yusuf H Khan

Metin Okutay (Nube Studio)

Ventana Studios

Anushka Manchanda’s Hair & Make up:
Niti Goenka

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38 thoughts on “Sister Pudicha Fashion'na Pottukunga | Put Chutney

  1. We know YouTube revenue sucks,
    You cant run a YouTube channel without sponsors, But you could have incorporated it in their video instead of posting an ad of your sponsor.

  2. Max putchutney is a flop , the makers are losing out ideas , no creativity, absolutely zero thinking . But jumps and makes some crappy political bashing videos to garner support and sympathy once again . I would suggest be creative once again focus on making good content videos .

  3. Edho Rajmohan anna dipshi kaga channel ah unsubscribe panama irukan.. Panah vachidivinga pola..indha Add Video va remove panidunga plz.. 1m subscribers seekram vara Vazhthukal😕

  4. Rajmohan Munthuna video la oru video next video athuku oppsite intha maathiri pottu pottu than naadu vilangama iruku Tv On Panna Add Pottu savdikirana karumam u tube chaneel open pannalam ithe polapa pochu AM ASLO "UNSUBSCRIBE"

  5. Put these type of advertisement only when your video is there, otherwise just seeing these types of advertisement is waste of time. Don't get a opinion that Subscribing to your channel is waste of time. Don't make the channel useless with these types of videos. I hope you don't make this mistake next time.

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