Skincare Routine before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss

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For when you don’t have a lot of time but you want your skin to look radiant, depuffed, and ready for make up. This is a 5-10 minute super simple skin care routine that I did before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Thank you Georgia Louise for making my skin feel like a million bucks.

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STEP 1: Ice Bath
STEP 2: Mask + Massage
STEP 3: Moisturizing Serum
STEP 4: Freeze Sticks

PRODUCTS USED (with some alternatives below, too!):
Moisturizing mask:
Freeze sticks:
LED Mask:

Freeze sticks:
Look in your silverware drawer for some spoons.
LED Masks:


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49 thoughts on “Skincare Routine before Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Karlie Kloss

  1. I really like doing the ice thing because it tightens your face. But the downside is that it makes your lips tighter (like your face) taking away the plumpness. 🤭😱But if you don’t care about your lips do what you do 👏🏼😇

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