Soooo are we taking Fashion Nova into 2019??? Plus-Size Haul & Try On!

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HEY MY LOVES! Today I have a plus size Fashion Nova Curve haul for you guys. If you’re looking for affordable and cute fashion inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! Give the video a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already!!! Until next time… ILYSM.


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40 thoughts on “Soooo are we taking Fashion Nova into 2019??? Plus-Size Haul & Try On!

  1. Let's leave their cheap scamming asses in 2018…. I've gotten scammed before by them, so has my sister and some friends as well. I've ordered jeans from them before, didn't receive any of them. Tried to contact an actual human from their company, but never could get a hold of anyone. I've been double charged orders before as well. DONT GIVE THEM YOUR CARD NUMBER!!

  2. Their stuff is cute but my experience has been very hit & miss. The sizing is crazy inconsistent, I recently ordered a shirt in an XL (I'm busty & a little on the thick side), when I got it was more like a small! I had to order 2 sizes up to get the proper fit. They also hide reviews that are not 5-star to make it look like everything is amazing, their shipping delays are a joke & there's no communication with customers, the quality is all over the place. I would say to manage expectations with them if you're going to buy from them. I'd instead recommend Boohoo, Asoph, Asos, there are way better options than them. The only saving grace is they constantly have discount codes, if you install honey on your browser it will save you at least 15% every time.

  3. OMG I just love you sooo much! You inspire me so much to be myself rock who I am and continue to focus on self empowerment. Because of you I made my own YouTube and the support as I continue to love me would be great! Fashion Nova Curve haul is everything 😍😍😍

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