Spring Haul & try on 2019 | Khaki trend at Gap

Spring Haul and Try on 2019 with Gap. Our favourite khaki’s and how we would style them. Let me know your favourite outfit?

Kindly sponsored by GAP. x

**Here’s the link to shop the looks I chose in store**

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46 thoughts on “Spring Haul & try on 2019 | Khaki trend at Gap

  1. Classic/Casual: LOVE! So wish that style of trousers you modeled worked on my figure. They look great on you! Off to watch more of your videos–so happy to "meet" you!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so pretty and have great style! We have a business that is very, very office casual. I am a huge blue jean girl, but I really need to incorporate the trouser. Looks very nice, casual, yet professional. Great outfits!!!

  3. I have been watching all these high fashion and dressy fashion channels, and I have to admit I really enjoyed watching you. It was almost a relief not to see all this almost 'frantic' high fashion – I exhaled and relaxed watching your channel. Thank you.

  4. I so agree that if you are comfortable, that shines through & you project confidence. LOVE all your picks & dual way to style, totally my jam! Keep up the great work! All the best from the West Coast of Canada 💐

  5. Great to see a video on Gap clothing, instead of the endless Zara hauls all over you tube. love your content, hope you will continue to explore other stores. Thanks

  6. GAP is really good for chinos and a lot of styles come in long length which is a bonus (in tops and bottoms). A little loose on these types of pants is my fave fit too.

  7. Liked all of the ways you styled, the only thing I'm lacking are the beige chinos, so you've given me some pointers for different. I have a creamy short jacket which I will drag out of my over stuffed wardrobe 😊 thanks both

  8. Hi Jess. Really enjoyed this , I haven’t been in gap for years, lots of great outfits to choose from. I loved the white blazer with the t shirt and chinos. That was definitely my style although I would love to get a denim jacked , I am short waisted so I was thinking of trying the seventies style denim jacket with tie belt as the longer length seems to suit me better, what do you think? Also I love a shirt and finding a good denim shirt that’s soft and a good shape is so tricky. Thanks for all your help with styling tips etc. Loved the green jewellery too. Pauline xx.

  9. This is so helpful Jess, thank you so much! I absolutely love the look where you dressed the khaki up. Gorgeous. I haven't been to Gap in an age actually – I will check it out x

  10. Oh, and by the way, I like both looks. With the flip flops and with the mor dressed up look. Like the white jacket with the white T shirt, looks classy and cute. Rh Rah.

  11. Another fab fab video. You are a lovely combination of pretty and friendly. Love your taste. Always a smashing show. Should have more views. But they will come, I can feel it……cheers

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