STARTING A COLLECTION: How To Develop Your Fashion Designs!

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Kicking off the New Year with some design inspiration for all my aspiring fashion designers, design students and fashionista who want to start their clothing lines this year! Fashion design is not all glitz and glam so today I’m giving you some tips on Starting a Collection and How To Develop Your Fashion Designs! Here is the breakdown of each steps you will need to take in the design development process…

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30 thoughts on “STARTING A COLLECTION: How To Develop Your Fashion Designs!

  1. Do that thang girl, i've been waiting on a video like this. Me and a really close friend of mine are fashion majors (Or at least as close to one as we could get [ lol ]). Keep doin you and making these million dollar vids.

    But i hope and would love to meet you one day.

  2. Happy New Year Everyone! 🌹❤️😭 We made it to 2018!!!!!! I'm wishing you guys all the success, love and happiness in the year 2018. Make this year your year! Remember nothing is too good to be true and nothing is too wonderful to have happen. You can do anything you put your mind too!! What are your goals for this year? #SeeYouAtTheTop 



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