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Launching a career as a Fashion Designer takes equal parts dedication, real-world experience, and the guiding hand of talented industry professionals.
Learn the hands-on, technical skills such as fashion sketching, creative design, draping, and pattern drafting, along with the theoretical skills necessary to succeed in this incredibly creative and exciting field.

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27 thoughts on “Study Fashion Design at FIDM College

  1. i am 15 years old and i love designing , i would like to join this college but i dont know the detail to join if u could help me please give me the informations about it please

  2. Pls am in Ghana n I love fashion. I love to sketch but my parents discouraged me from drawing. But after seeing this am inspired cab I get admitted in your school even though am not in fashion school now

  3. I’m 14 and live across the country, but FIDM is where I want to go without a doubt! Whether it be for fashion or costume design, this school is my dream, even if I can’t afford it.

  4. I am already 26 and currently have Post graduate diploma in Financial Management . But i am not happy at all. I have always wanted to work in creative industries and it's my ULTIMATE Dream to study fashion. I know it's gonna be very hard to get there especially without financial aid and being an international but i'll keep saving and not let go of my dreams. By then i be like thirties!:(:D

  5. I'm planning on applying this year, but i feel having a good grade is one of the things you accept, I have good grades, but in math not so much, would I still be accepted?

  6. im from nepal and im just high school graduate in management so i dont have much knowledge about arts and designing but im passionate about fashion designing ( i design clothes bags sew them by my self but dont have vast knowledge about it ) i wanna learn more and gain knowledge about arts can i join this uni if i apply after my SAT and TOFEL ?

  7. Anyone interested in coming to FIDM should really do their research. I attended there for over a year and found that the education that I received was only sub-par that of its counterpart directly across the street at the Community College of Los Angeles Trade Tech where you receive education that's five times that of the FIDM at half or no cost at all to you… best of luck to you

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