Swimwear Designer Oberson on His Final TLV Fashion Week

TRENDING | Israeli fashion icon Gideon Oberson has been dressing women for over 50 years. This year, Tel Aviv Fashion week is opening with Oberson House of Design’s final collection. Our Jessi Satin got a sneak peak of the collection before it hits the runway.


‘Swimwear is a very important line. Not just a design — it’s a mentality. The woman is undressed, so she should feel very comfortable,’ Swimwear fashion designer Gideon Oberson says.
Israel’s king of luxury swimwear, Gideon Oberson, has been dressing women from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles for over fifty years. 

After studying in Paris, ‘Oberson launched his eponymous line in 1962, bringing big ideas to his small home country,’ according to Moshe Milner.

Oberson’s designs — not only his swimwear, but also in ready to wear, couture and bridal have made him a favorite in international markets. Yet he notes the global fashion market can be a tough place for Israeli designers. 
‘I remember 20, 30 years ago when we went out with the Israeli garments and we made some fashion weeks in the States, in Australia, in Europe, we are in all the department stores with Israeli flags and music. Now when we go to international fairs we don’t use the Israeli flag. It’s made in Asia, or made somewhere else, but [we cannot use] Israel because we have many countries where we are buying the product, but we cannot announce it,’ Oberson added.

But this was not enough to stop Oberson’s daughter Karen from following in her father’s footsteps. 

In 1985, Karen launched her brand, ‘KO’ and joined forces with her father at the Oberson House of Design. 

After 34 years of working together, the Oberson House of Design will show its final collection Sunday evening at the 2019 Tel Aviv Fashion week.

‘I’m using old dresses. I got from one of my customer in 1969. She told me that she has this dress, and that if I am doing a show, it should be on the runway. I took it and it’s going on the runway. It’s a mix of old and new. I think that is life today. This is the language of today,’ Oberson stated.
Ahead of Fashion week, Oberson was honored with a lifetime achievement award from Israel’s Ministry of Culture and Sport.

While they may be moving off the catwalk, Gideon and Karen plan to remain fixtures in the Israeli fashion industry, teaching and mentoring the next generation of designers.

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