With London Fashion Week Men’s 2019 officially over, I thought I would sit and break down some of the best shows of the week, while discussing trends and designers to watch.

From Craig Green to A Cold Wall*, a lot happened in London. While some of the shows were quite promising, others fell flat. Who were some of your favourites?

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26 thoughts on “THE BEST AND WORST OF LONDON FASHION WEEK MEN’S 2019 (In my opinion)

  1. I absolutly agree with you on the point about classic "Fashion". Most design houses are missing an identity right now. They should stick with what their founders had in mind for them but reinvent that with every season. Like what is even the point of LV when absolutly nothing but the prices are what it used to be. It could just as well be named Virgil couture or something, idk. Fashion houses in general should hire someone who fits the heritage and house identity in my opinion, otherways what is even the point of it…

  2. Heyy Im new to your channel ✨ little advice; could you like make a little banner for like every designer name because people do not necessarily know all the designers so they can also learn ⛄️

  3. Christopher Raeburn was awesome, I liked A Cold Wall although the artiness felt distracting.

    Kiki and Craig Green, even Y Porject–I don't know, they're interesting I guess but there never seems to be a story there, at least not one I want to participate in.

    If you guys are done with cyberpunk looks, cool, more for me and maybe the price points will go down for those designers since they're not trending anymore?? That would be great, I'm already seeing deeeep discounts on y3 stuff as it is

  4. I feel like London Fashion week had kind of stagnated for a bit, and while I don't think it's really started moving again yet, you can tell the engines are firing on once again. It's always been the fashion week for the experimental, creative, young,energetic, and refreshing designers, and I think for a couple years we simply didn't have enough. A couple other shows that could have been worth mentioning include te Fashion East show, which featured some really good stuff from designers to watch out for, Christopher Raeburn, who had a solid collection after a few stagnant years, and Paria Farzaneh.
    It's also kind of annoying seeing all the bigger houses/designers slowly migrate to Paris. I always liked seeing a healthy mix but not even Raf is in NYC anymore, NYC feels super stale, London needs some help, Milan is meh, and Paris is the only one with real hard hitters anymore…

  5. I really liked Kiko's pieces and his show. I really enjoyed the color choices and the cuts. The cuts weren't too edgy on his coats which I could dig and rock on a regular basis. Loved it!!!

  6. Kiko Kostadinov took the crown this London Fashion Week. He gave me Comme Des Garcons X Yohji Yamamoto vibes. Kiko is a true designer. From the fabrics, to the cut, to the shapes. Everything is so technical and complex. Out of all these designers I feel like 20 years from now, Craig will be great, Kiko will be legendary and the others will be good or average at best.

    Cottweiler is kind of overhyped and over-rated but recently they've really been improving and I feel like their next few collections are bound to be amazing. Right now, Cottweiler is legit watered down Prada with them attempting this 'sports luxe' look.

    Craig Green was solid as usual. People just say his collections are boring and repetitve because he has found his aesthetic and has stuck to it. He hasn't gone trend chasing like a lot of brands (cough* cough* Louis Vuitton).

    Samuel Ross had a solid collection and he's come a long way from plastering the ACW branding on plain t-shirts, hoodies and pants but the clothes aren't ground breaking and his shows with the amazing ambience kind of trick people into thinking the clothes are better than they are. Those jackets with loads of pockets are exactly the same as the Louis Vuitton pieces from the SS19 collection. Samuel Ross also definitely shouldn't have won that award over Kiko Kostadinov. That being said ACW is very wearable and that's why I always buy it.

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