The Filipino Women Turning Rags into High Fashion

Rags to Riches: Enterprising Filipino women turn clothing scraps into profitable products. Subscribe to Journeyman for daily uploads:

In the slums of Manila, a determined group of women are literally turning rags to riches. In a city where the gap between rich and poor is clear to see, this pioneering new project brings the two closer together.

Taking leftover fabric from clothing factories before weaving them into rugs and handbags, ‘Rags to Riches’ products have become the latest fashion accessory in Manila’s high-end malls. It’s founder, 27 year old Reese Fernandez, says her business works to “empower women” in the local community, “bringing back the dignity of the people” The women, many of whom used to live on a rubbish dump, now earn an income comparable to that of a nurse in the Philippines.

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SBS Dateline – Ref.5659

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21 thoughts on “The Filipino Women Turning Rags into High Fashion

  1. my friend live there, and i thought this vid is uploaded in 2018 i was shook because this was uploaded in 2013 nothing really change in 5 years, this documentation proves that the previous president of the philippines is a corrupt president and yes I'm pointing my finger to you ninoy panot

  2. Filipino's and the government in the Philippines like big malls, big fancy restaurant, condominiums, hotels, etc…but if you look around Manila you will see lots of squatters everywhere around those big buildings. Lots of garbage everywhere in the sidewalks, rivers, creeks, etc…The government priorities are corruption first before helping people. The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. That is a fact!!!

  3. My husband is half Filipino I love the Philippines the people are gorgeous not like the ungrateful welfare Queens of entitlement in the United States or United Kingdom these people are truly beautiful and lovely the government there is corrupt and horrible

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