The HOTTEST in Japanese Street Fashion in 2018

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Reggie gives the summary of the hottest drops, designers, and international brands in Japan for 2018. From Verdy’s epic rise to Palace Skateboard’s new Tokyo Flagship, there was a lot to be excited about in the fashion industry in Japan. Is Japan about to get even more ridiculous in 2019? It gets broken down on this episode of WTH

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36 thoughts on “The HOTTEST in Japanese Street Fashion in 2018

  1. Ok here we go. The previous version of this video contained a comment (yet again) about China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It was not meant to offend but it's actually reference to a mistake the channel made about a year ago referencing all these places. We take the feelings of our subs into consideration and realize this was in bad taste and for that reason the section where this was said has been edited out. We now realize how sensitive this topic is for Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongers so with this now being vividly known we promise never to bring it up again unless absolutely necessary and if its in reference to something to do with the culture. It is not Reggie's, or the entire The Casual Co.'s place to comment on such things without consideration of the people that live in these areas and in that regard we sincerely apologize. Our bad. We'll do better.

  2. Bro, no bullshit… I was just looking to find a place to host my website because I just bought the domain and I was like damn now I gotta fuck with wordpress again but you the plug with this squarespace discount! Also sneaker of the year is the Acronym Prestos!

  3. Love this channel been following for a while now but that chinese comment is gonna offend some people especially the fashion culture between the three countries are completely different too. Taiwan is more influenced by the Japanese, where Hong Kong can argue to have their own fashion entity entirely, and mainland Chinese fits the more hypebeast aesthetic

  4. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could do a video on C2H4, such a nice brand without almost any fans besides the cult members.
    Id like to see a video from you and make em shine, thank you for reading this!

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