The Most Unattractive Women’s Fashion Trends According to Men

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Fashion is a moving target and your trending favs won’t necessarily appeal to everyone. We understand that most of the time women are dressing for themselves, not for the attention of men. But if you are trying to snag the attention of your current man-crush, here are some styles to steer clear of…

Maxi skirts | 0:18
Sky-high heels | 0:56
UGGs | 1:39
Oversized sweaters | 2:27
Mom jeans | 3:16
Menswear | 4:32

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41 thoughts on “The Most Unattractive Women’s Fashion Trends According to Men

  1. Well it’s good to know suits on women aren’t attractive to men cuz it’s mostly popular amongst us GAYS and that’s because it’s SEXY AS HELL. If a woman is wearing a suit, it’s either (as anything) FOR HERSELF or to appeal to WOMEN and quite specifically NOT MEN.

  2. Ewwww ok can we hear comments from someone other than this misogynistic dumbass Sachin cuz shit he’s 0 for 2 right now…don’t wear heels cuz it makes men insecure about their height (because god forbid they be shorter than a woman???) Jesus christ🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. look, if someone likes you when youre not being/dressing like yourself, the whats the fucking point? you might not fins someone who likes you for you because youre wasting your time with a douchebag who is afraid of looking short

  4. I agree with some of the choices but I will say I love when women wear flats, fur boots,sweaters, skinny jeans, and leggings. Now witht that out of the way. Here are the things I can't stand that women wear 1) sandals cause every time they walk it sounds like someone is farting.2) high heels cause it looks uncomfortable as if they are about to fall.3) those long pointy witch looking boots which is absolutely the ugliest shoes I ever seen

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