some of my fave jeans (and least fave lol) from FN!
I’m gonna ty to find the link to all these jeans for youuuuu.

sc: javierittaaa
poshmark: _javierittaaa

The new new skinny jeans:
That New New Skinny Jeans – Medium Blue Wash

Bradshaw Skinny jeans:
Bradshaw Skinny Jeans – Medium Blue

Greyson Boyfriend jeans:
Greyson Boyfriend Jeans – Black

Kneed It Skinny
Kneed It Skinny Jeans – Medium Blue

Got it from my mama:
I Got It From My Mama Jeans – Medium

Ella Skinny jeans:
Ella Skinny Jean – Medium

27 thoughts on “the REAL TEA on FASHION NOVA JEANS // Curvy Try-On

  1. Hy babe! I have an important question for you, cause I ordered my first pair of fashion nova jeans like a month ago and I only wore them for 5-6 times and it already ripped in my inner tights and I'm so maaaaad and disappointed 😖😭 I don't know what to do, I bought a size 13 and it was a perfect size for me.. Did you ever had that kind of problem? Now I'm afraid to buy another pair from FN cause I think it won't last longer than this one 😣😥

  2. Putting them in the dryer actually ruins the stretch over time and makes the jeans sag because the plastic that keeps it stretchy n bounce back gets ruined!
    So hang them to dry to preserve ur jeans !

  3. I love you! I was wondering if you have ever purchased the beach bum jeans, I just purchased them and got them in a size 15 and I have the same neasrurements as you and they didnt fit they were so tight…😭 I was wondering if I should get 1x in all my jeans from now on or is it just the material of the beach bum jeans..?? Idk sorry this is confusing lol😅 I'm so lost haha

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