Top 10 Beautiful Fashion Styles in Africa

#africatop10 African clothing is the traditional clothing worn by the people of Africa and African fashion is booming and Ever-expanding. Africa’ clothing style is very vast and unique and every region having it special, material, styles and designs and in this videos 2nacheki presents

Here are10 Most Beautiful Traditional African Fashion


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49 thoughts on “Top 10 Beautiful Fashion Styles in Africa

  1. I see where I get my fashion from my ancestors are from the part of Southeastern Bantu ,Senegal which is my stronghold 😁North Africa, Mali in Nigeria amongst other parts of Africa I love who I am. Long live fashion..

  2. Dashiki is from Nigeria. It was originated by the Hausa tribe of Nigeria. So when he said "all around Africa" does he mean that its worn all around Africa? Cuz if that is so he might as well include the USA TOO.

  3. The cloth you mentioned about Nigeria is wrong, it is true that Yorubas traditional wear is called ashor-okė, but the Igbos are better and it's called "blouse and rapper"

    Here is the difference between Yoruba females wear from Igbo female wears:
    The Igbos different colour of blouse from the rapper(top is different from the bottom of what they are wearing)and the Yorubas wear the same colour up and down. Thus, when see anyone wearing colour of top from the bottom wear, then they are emulating the Igbos, that does not mean there is anything wrong with it. I just know that it wouldn't be fair to pass the wrong information to your viewers.


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