TOP 10 FASHION ESSENTIALS for a minimalist wardrobe | becoming minimalist series

now that you’ve checked out my minimalist fashion essentials, why not have a look at how to minimize your makeup bag :

this is my top ten fashion essentials to keep a minimalist closet. like i say in the video – these 10 items might not be on your top list at all. i just thought it fun to share my favourites with you, so please share yours with me in the comments !

having a minimalist wardrobe can be quite a challenge if you’re a fashion blogger. but it’s my job so i ain’t complaining one bit ^.^
these ten items that i’m listing in the video all make my life as a stylist easier, because they’re all so versatile and wearable. let’s take a look, shall we ?

since day one, you guys have been asking me for fashion videos – so how do you like it ? want me to keep going ?

love // jenny



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26 thoughts on “TOP 10 FASHION ESSENTIALS for a minimalist wardrobe | becoming minimalist series

  1. I love your work that has been such any inspiration (pls advise brand of the nude top that you are wearing – it is amazing) – I total agree that nude is the new black! 🙂

  2. jenny, thank you so much for making such inspirational videos! be it food, style or minimalism – you teach me so so much without adding any stress. your videos with david are also amazing! keep on going with your unique style and teaching us to be open and daring!

  3. I have to be honest, the first time I saw her I thought she looked really weird kind of creepy (becuause of her no-eye brows, and her style) but I've been watching a Lot of her videos (i really enjoy them) and now I kind Get it, and when i look at her i really see how beautiful she is.

  4. Hey Beautiful

    You might have talked about this in one of your videos, but I'm eager to know: How do you maintain the lovely white/black color of your clothes? Any washing products you recommend?
    Thanks so much ^^

  5. I really like your attitude to fashion. I'm totally with you when it comes to the basics as well 😊 you look quite different than others and your style suits you. I wouldn't combine the clothes like you did, but I really adore these styles when you wear them. Thank you for being this inspiring!! 😊💕

  6. I am recent subscriber and I am so hooked to your videos it's amazing, my life has become a mess and with your guidance I feel inspired . I have also started to dream of being minimalist , thank you showing direction in life !

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