Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads

Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads

We’re glad these were just fashion fads because come on, admit it, these were as fugly as they come. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you owned any of these or have rocked them at some point in your life. We’re talking about the hipster mullet you thought was cool, those Kanye West inspired shutter shades that made everyone look ridiculous, crocs that made your feet look hideous, velour tracksuits, showing your thong during your dirrty Xtina phase, socks with sandals and wearing feathers in your hair. No, just no.

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47 thoughts on “Top 10 Fugly Fashion Fads

  1. I think the only time you can wear leggings without a dress or long top is when you are exercising and they are sports leggings – then you can get away with it…….otherwise, cover them up with a skirt or something :/

  2. What I'd like to see go away are
    – skinny jeans on guys
    -ballcap turned sideways
    -ballcaps with unnecessarily wide brims
    -nerd glasses with neon frames
    – toques all year round hanging slightly off your head

  3. I only like men with Bucky Barnes hair length, anything shorter I ain’t like it. Mullets are ugly bruh… I Stan leggings, I always wear black ones. Crocs were my childhood 🤷‍♀️

  4. The velour tracksuit is SO OVER. I'm so sick of them. Juicy killed it for everyone. I like my leggings, but I don't like most worn as pants. Lastly, harem pants can still be fashion forward. You have to know how to wear them.

  5. I don't see the problem with leggings as pants or track suits to be honest. I don't wear track suits but I don't see the point of the fuss. As for leggings they're just comfortable, and if you get the right size you shouldn't have problems. I usually wear fleece tights and they're not see through or overly tight – I just don't see the fuss.

  6. None of these are really "fugly" in my opinion, and Crocs are really comfy!!! Also, nothing wrong with track suits…I always thought they looked nice, only one I ever thought was gross was the whole thong hanging out of your pants thing…but everything else is fine really lol.

  7. Crocs are my messy shoes. I can work in the garden, take them off, and rinse them out. Or if I am in an art studio, crocks are perfect. They can get all the ink, clay, and paint while I can keep my favorite shoes.

  8. shutter shades are the biggest red flags ever 😄 guys wearing shit like this all turned out to be some of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever met.
    😄 but you know. if you play your cards right you might get some extasy…

  9. booooo leggings can absolutely been worn as pants! case and point I'm a personal trainer and i wear them to work everyday and so does basically everyone who goes to the gym. No wears a long top or dress with them they are a full part of the outfit not just the accessory

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