Top 10 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

Top 10 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends
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These are the trends you’ll be seeing a lot of this summer! For summer patterns, polka dots are going to be everywhere. They were present at Valentino, Self-Portrait and MM6 and appeared in a variety of sizes and colors. From oversized spots to teeny tiny ones, there are lots of ways you can incorporate this look into your wardrobe. You’ll also be seeing a lot of statement earrings, pastels, bike shorts, fanny packs and sheer fabrics!

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32 thoughts on “Top 10 Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

  1. Disgusting! They are seriously scrapping the barrel for fashion, gingham..😐ffs just cause they say it's in this year does not mean it will look good!

  2. Ok I usually hate alllllllll of the high end fashion trends they show on the runway, they're so different from what "normal" people wear, if you will. But this time I tried to keep an open mind and I actually kinda liked them. BUUUUUT, I still do not get the bike shorts… WTH?!?!

  3. These are all runway trends. Not "actual stuff everyone can wear out in the hot sun" trends. A lot of these on this list are either stupid or "trends" that been out for years now and are not new. All of these trends are more of a fall or winter trends. Not summer. Example: Plastic rain wear in the summer time- no.

  4. The main reason bum bags are making a comeback? Because there are NO POCKETS IN WOMEN'S CLOTHES!!!!! Give us useful, real pockets that actually fit things like cellphones and small wallets, and we wouldn't need the hideousness of bum bags!

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