Top 5 Fashion Items I’ll never de-clutter | PLUS SIZE FASHION | Sometimes Glam

Welcome to 2019 babes! I’m so excited to kick off the new year with this list and I can’t wait to hear your favorites! We’re going to make magic this year, you and I, I just know it.



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Height: 5’6
Top size: 14/16, 1X
Bottom size: 18/20, 2X
Shoe size: 8.5
Bra: 38DD/40D

26 thoughts on “Top 5 Fashion Items I’ll never de-clutter | PLUS SIZE FASHION | Sometimes Glam

  1. Great video! I would love to see more shop your closet and reinvent items previously hauled in 2019. More about curating a core section of your closet and how you make it work as you buy and remove things from it over time, please. Thanks!

  2. I went to Paris and bought a Burberry wallet for 140 euros. First designer piece, I'll never get rid of it. I'm sure that will be my only time in Paris. 😢 󾓧 so thankful I got to go there though.

  3. At the beginning of the video I was thinking like “decluttering” “don’t just buy buy buy”? Those aren’t real people issues. However, I could totally relate when you were saying to buy things with intention of where you want to see yourself, not just the tee shirts and jeans or leggings that you’ve always worn. That hit me. I hate seeing myself on the daily. Your five items and the sentimental stories behind them were so sweet. It was nice to get to know a little bit personally about you. As for your question about something in our closet that we’re attached to; i can’t think of a single thing.

  4. I loved this video! Most of all though I just loved the opening. I have had a tough time this new year with feeling like I have no idea what I want from this year and I realized "holy crap I just want to love myself more!". Being plus sizeand working for a non profit I don't spend a lot or pay as much attention to how I treat myself via the clothes I wear. I am going to make an effort to do this more, and find myself some power outfits! By the way I love your brand and "window shop" it all the time 😍😍😘

  5. Hi pumpkin, wishing you and your family a year filled with many blessings happiness and good health.
    Would be cool to have QA sessions on things like. :how you got to where you're at. including husband. Balancing life, your likes and dislikes, relationship advice. Creating a business. Using the same pieces to make multiple looks. From day to night.

  6. City Chic was a transformative brand for me too. It was the first time I found something that fit me that I loved and thought was beautiful. It wasn’t just about it fitting, it made me feel confident and beautiful. They’ll always be special to me for that.

  7. Your pep talk reminded me so much of my mom and sister who I don’t have anymore. They were both fabulous influenced so much of my style. “When you look good, you feel good.” Is what mom always said.

    My favorite item in my closet is my denim jacket from old navy. I wore the first one until it literally fell apart at the seams! I button it up and wear it as a shirt with rolled sleeves. I layer it with a sweater when it’s cold. I dress it up with vintage sparkly brooches and I always feel comfortable and classic when I wear it.

  8. Hey Crystal! I’m getting ready to go on vacation to Jamaica at the end of January and would love to see a ‘10 clothing items you should pack in your suitcase’ video.
    Items that can interchange and work with each other but still chic and beachy!

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