Top Winter Fashion Trends 2018/2019

So excited to be partnering with Marshalls to bring you my top winter fashion trends for 2018/19. Check out Marshalls here:

– Watch Stitched Episode (I’m a Guest Judge):
– Watched Stitched Mini Me Episode:

Let me know in the comments if you want to see more fashion trends videos like this in the future! Should I do one for Spring in the coming months? ❤️

1:38 – Expressionist Trend
3:11 – Elevated Comfort
4:30 – Classic Revival
5:30 – Menswear



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41 thoughts on “Top Winter Fashion Trends 2018/2019

  1. 5:55 „Step into your boyfriend‘s/ husband‘s/ the guy you hook up with‘s closet“ lesbians are crying in the distance 😂 my male friends should be watching their clothes closely

  2. Gosh you guys should have walked for Ralph Lauren! Absolutely stunning Val. Your fashion videos are the only videos which we can actually incorporate! Simple and easily affordable. Love you from India 🙌💞

  3. Thank you for simplifying these trends Valeria! Most of them I have actually incorporated into my wardrobe for quite a while now, but seeing the outfits you styled gave me new inspiration. Thanks! Plus, your boys were so cute styled alongside you (they are always cute though lol).

  4. I love this, Valeria ! You have such great style and you dressed up your boys so nicely as well! My favorite type of style would be Classic Revival. I just love bringing royalty and rich tones to your clothing (maybe that's just bc I'm partly Russian, haha). Love, Claire Carice.

  5. I love you so much, but I have a huge problem and seems like there is no one in the internet who talks about that.
    I have acne and I would love to do my makeup but I have 0 makeup skills, so if I put foundation on my face people still can see the shape of pimples and stuff. Could you please, give some tips on who to use concealer and blush but without foundation? This may seem really weird, but I just want to look a little bit better (even if my acne isn't full covered up) without looking like I'm trying to hide my face.

    Love from Portugal 🇵🇹 ❤️

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